A new event is coming to Apex!

16:00, 09 Apr 2021

It seems like the chaos of Apex Legends isn't over yet, as the War Games are about to arrive! The Chaos Theory event feels like just yesterday, and with the Chinatown Market event delayed, Respawn are treating Apex fans to another two weeks of turbulent joy, in the form of Salvo's War Games.

It's time for Maggie to get her revenge (yet again), with more mayhem in the Apex arena. Along with new skins, a prize tracker, challenges, and Takeover modes, the Apex Legends War Games event is sure to be explosive.

Check out the trailer below.

Apex Legends War Games Release Date

The Apex Legends War Games event will begin on Tuesday, April 13, and run for around two weeks, ending on April 27.

Apex Legends War Games Takeovers

Over two weeks, the War Games will introduce five rotating limited-time takeovers, which will takeover (get it?) the normal Play Apex playlist.


Killing Time

Every time a player is eliminated, the rounds speed up, adding even more tension to the pressure-cooker match. Be careful, because if several teams die in quick succession, the ring will start closing in on you in record time.


Auto Banners

Automatically receive teammates' respawn banners when they go down, meaning no more running into risky situations! Also added are more mobile respawn beacons. As Respawn describe it, this change is "spicy".


Armour Regen

Armour will automatically regenerate over time at a rate of 12 points per second. Whenever you take damage, your armour will begin regenerating after an 8-second delay. This delay is doubled to 16 seconds if your armour is cracked. Because of this change, there are no Shield Cells in the loot pool, so be cautious when pushing that third party!

Second Chance

The first time you're eliminated, you'll come right back in a dropship, along with all your loot. Each Legend is granted one "free" respawn per match, and you'll be dropped back in to your current location with all your gear.



The map is covered in Hot zones and Flash Points, meaning better loot, and more spots to regenerate your HP.


Multiple Hot Zones will cover the map, including more epic and legendary loot within them. Each Hot Zone is enveloped in a Flash Point, a giant bubble that regenerates your HP and shields when you are inside them.


Apex Legends War Games Takeover Schedule

Each takeover will last a few days, starting from April 13.

Second Chance: Tuesday, April 13 – Thursday, April 15


Ultra Zones: Thursday, April 15 – Monday, April 19

Auto Banners: Monday, April 19 – Wednesday, April 21

Killing Time: Wednesday, April 21 – Friday, April 23

Armor Regen: Friday, April 23 – Tuesday, April 27

Apex Legends War Games Skins

Apex Legends War Games Challenges

As with every Apex Legends event, War Games is introducing a rewards track, where earning points scores you some sweet cosmetic items, badges, and more.


The track also includes five unlockable Battle Pass levels! You can earn up to 1,000 points per day and challenges refresh daily.


Apex Legends War Games Skins

Apex Legends War Games Skins

Pathfinder, Wraith, Lifeline, Gibby, Mirage, and Bloodhound are all receiving some cool War Games styled skins, which are recolours of past iconic outfits.

The skins will be available to purchase starting at 1800 Apex Coins.

Check out the skins below, courtesy of dataminer Shrugtal.

The Apex Legends War Games event begins April 13, so drop in and get ready for some mayhem!




Images via Respawn Entertainment

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