Players have discovered an Apex Legends Shadow bug that means you can pick up guns and play as an undead attacker in the game.

10:38, 28 Oct 2020

The dead are rising in Apex Legends as players get to grips with this year's Fight or Fright event, and the new addition of "Shadow Royale". As the biggest gaming titles around unveil their haunted wares with the likes of Fortnite's Fortnitemares and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's "The Haunting of Verdansk", Respawn Entertainment is also showing off its spooky season showstopper.

One of the best additions to "Shadow Royale" takes a leaf out of Respawn's beloved Titanfall series and gives Shadows the ability to wall-run. Considering Respawn devs recently explained why wall-running will never be added to Apex Legends full-time, playing as a Shadow can seem like a tempting offer. The problem is, your Legend has to be dead. Other drawbacks are the fact you can't pick up guns, meaning you're just a fast-running zombie hell-bent on downing the living with your fists.

The no-guns rule makes sense, but now, one crafty hacker has shown how you can have your Shadow cake and eat it by playing as a Shadow and wielding a gun at the same time. So, how's it done? 

How to pick up guns as a Shadow in Apex Legends

A video showing off how to replicate this clever hack was shared on YouTube by Mizzurik. Step one involves dropping into the map and finding a quiet spot to pull off the Apex Legends Shadow bug. The video tells you to land somewhere close to teammates, loot, and (importantly) thermite. Loot the area, place a jump pad, and try to get the pad glitch by spamming jump on the indoor pad.

Only if you get the double jump effect should you move onto the gory step two, which involves igniting thermite and burning yourself to death in an act of suicide. Wait for your Shadow respawn, and if you've pulled it off, your screen should start zooming in and out in a trippy state. It's simply a case of returning to loot your box, and voila, you're now a Shadow that can grab guns.


The video explains how you'll appear normal to teammates and the opposition, but with added mobility and something more than your Shadow's brutal melee, grabbing guns is an added bonus. Any death box can be looted, so head out there into the gloomy realms of "Shadow Royale". 


Should you play as a Shadow in Apex Legends?

Be warned, the Apex Legends Shadow bug means you'll find yourself in an extremely unstable state where the screen will constantly zoom in and out. Still, there's the added bonus of Shadow abilities and a fully-stocked arsenal. It's definitely one to look out for, and at the time of writing, there's no news on whether Respawn devs are on to the issue. If the team is aware, expect it to be patched pretty quickly. We can't have gun-toting zombies running around the place. 


Interestingly, the Apex Legends Shadow bug shows what a fully-fledged Titanfall crossover with wall-running could look like. It's definitely a more fast-paced version of Apex, however, it's also easy to see how it would add a lot of chaos to proceedings. For the time being, we'll have to make do with playing as the undead to get our wall-running fix. 



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Images via Respawn Entertainment

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