The Apex Legends September Soiree LTMs have reportedly been uncovered by a reliable dataminer.

15:57, 12 Sep 2020

After a rocky start, it looks like the Apex Legends September Soiree will be firing on all pistons again and returning the all-star limited-time event to its intended glory. Players were promised a whole month of celebrations in the vein of January's Grand Soiree that would bring a rotating roster of four limited-time modes back into the game.

Unfortunately, the first week's LTM caused a game-breaking glitch, meaning DUMMIEs Big Day was pulled before most of us got to try it out. 

Although Apex Legends hasn't rolled out as many LTMs as other battle royale titles like Fortnite, there's still been an impressive crop for fans to sink their teeth into. So, what's coming next? Will it be Déjà Loot, Gold Rush, or Shadowfall? Even if the September Soiree doesn't have the jam-packed schedule of the Grand Soiree, four LTMs is still great news.



While DUMMIEs Big Day is out for the count, one trusted dataminer thinks they've uncovered what the final three LTMs will be. Posting on Twitter, Shrugtal tipped Armed & Dangerous, King's Canyon: After Dark, and LIVE. DIE. LIVE. for a triumphant return. For those who need a refresher, here's what you can expect from the rest of the Apex Legends September Soiree. 

Armed & Dangerous is due out on September 15. The LTM first appeared as part of the Voidwalker event and sees players equipped with only shotguns and snipers. Assuming it's the same for the September Soiree, there will also be limited shields.

September 22 might bring back Kings Canyon: After Dark, which does exactly what it says on the tin. The original After Dark brought back the Season 2 version of Kings Canyon with a nighttime twist. This means we could see the return of Skulltown if the September Soiree is more of the same.

Finally, LIVE.DIE.LIVE is a last-chance saloon as dead teammates are revived whenever the ring closes. Although you obviously need someone on the squad still alive, it's a great way to get back in the game.

Apex Legends LIVE.DIE.LIVE

All in all, it's a who's who of beloved LTMs that are sure to be a hit with Apex Legends players. It's important to remember these modes are far from set in stone and Respawn hasn't confirmed them as gospel yet. Also, as DUMMIE's Big Day has proven, the modes and their dates could easily change, so don't get too excited just yet.

Either way, the Apex Legends September Soiree is a huge pull and guaranteed to have us all dropping into the match with gusto for the rest of the month.


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