Respawn Entertainment has revealed a first glimpse at Olympus, the Trident, and Horizon's Abilities.

14:56, 28 Oct 2020

Respawn Entertainment has gifted us the first glimpse at Apex Legends Season 7, showcasing Horizon, Olympus, and brand-new the Trident vehicle.

The Apex Legends Season 7 trailer has been released on YouTube, which has generated more hype than ever before as The Outlands' favourite legends are jetting away from Kings Canyon to follow Horizon to Olympus, where she will look to manipulate time and revisit her haunting past. 

Inside the trailer, glimpses at the Season 7 map can be found, alongside a first look at the Trident vehicle, Horizon's in-game abilities, and the landscape of the brand new map.

  • Side note - Pathfinder is back!

The Olympus map is a vibrant floating arena which boasts bright green parks and energetic buildings, in the smallest scene we have had so far. With Bonzai trees and futuristic buildings, Olympus is set to be the most engaging map we have ever had. 

We hope you're happy, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek...


The Trident vehicle has been heavily rumoured to be coming to Apex Legends in Season 7, and the trailer shows us a first glimpse of the new mode of transportation. Seating up to three people, the Trident will come in as a way from moving from sector to sector and appears to be open-roofed meaning players could be hitting some nasty shots if they're sharp with a Sentinal.

The Trident does appear to malfunction somewhat with the damage caused by a Triple Take, indicating that energy weapons could mess with the electrics and be an effective counter to the hovercraft.


Horizon is also one of three legends under the spotlight of the trailer as the Scottish braveheart showcases her new abilities. Her tactical can be seen to launch enemies into the air with splash damage, which then stuns and damages players upon landing. Paired with a Gibby ult, the stun could be a deadly combination.


Her ultimate seems to be akin to Gibby himself and Bangalore by being a throwable object that causes damage to a large area. The shard then whirls into a black hole which sucks objects into it before exerting a devastating explosion. With these two abilities and a passive which is set to avoid fall stuns, Horizon looks to be a force to be reckoned with.

Apex Legends Season 7 is due to launch on November 4, so make sure to grab your void walker helm as Respawn Entertainment shoot us through the stars to drop in on Olympus.



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Image via Respawn Entertainment

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