Where did you end up?

12:45, 27 Dec 2020

There's only about a month to go in Apex Legends Season 7: Ascension, and for those who have been grinding the tiers in Ranked mode, your rewards have been revealed.

Ranked mode has seven tiers to work through, starting at base rank Bronze, then Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and finally - Apex Predator. The Apex Predator rank is for the top 500 players of that platform. Ranked Points (or RP) are gained via eliminations, assists, and placement. Ranked is the competitive game mode in Apex Legends, and players can choose to rise through the ranks as a squad, or attempt the dreaded solo queue to greatness.

As well as those in the upper echelons receiving custom (and pretty awesome) Dive Trails, players will also receive a Weapon Charm, based on their final rank. Apex Legends Ranked is a hard grind, and data showed that most players finish in the Gold tier (37.5%).

A dataminer on Reddit's r/ApexUncovered revelled the Ranked rewards for this season, and they look deadly.

Season 7 , Ranked rewards ( credit : humanSAS ) from r/ApexUncovered

Developers Respawn Entertainment received criticism earlier this season, due to a new Battle Pass points system making to difficult, if not impossible, to tier up. After much experimenting, players are finally happy with the current system.


It's worth noting that you will receive rewards based on your highest tier (even if you drop down during the Ranked season), due to the Ranked split that occurs halfway through any Apex Legends season - a soft rest to your rank (1.5 tiers).

So, which gun will you be equipping your Predator charm to?



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Images via Respawn Entertainment

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