Get ready for a whole new Apex Legends, as Respawn Entertainment teases a big reveal that could revamp the battle royale game.

12:19, 15 Apr 2021

"Legend" has it, big changes are coming to Apex Legends - and we don't just think it's thanks to the upcoming Season 9. Respawn Entertainment's free-to-play battle royale title has just crossed a major milestone and now has over 100 million players. If this wasn't reason enough to celebrate, the developer has seemingly promised a "big reveal" next week. As well as the typical hype of a new Legend following in the footsteps of Horizon and Fuse, Respawn has teased something else is just around the corner.

Much like rival FortniteApex Legends has become a master of the marketing machine by teasing what's to come in the next season ahead of time. Even if Respawn is a couple of years behind Epic Games in terms of cracking the battle royale market, the developer is learning fast. Each season of Apex includes a new Battle Pass to chug through and an overarching story for fans to enjoy as the various Legends' stories intertwine and someone new joins the fray. With Season 9 tipped for a May 4 debut, get ready for the reveals to come thick and fast.


What is the big Apex Legends reveal?

When the official Apex Legends Twitter celebrated the success of 100 million, there was a brief teaser of what's to come. It opened with a barrage of streams from the growing player base and then jumped into new footage. If you look closely, there's a glimmer of someone new at the 0:43 mark. In the clip, Mirage is heard saying, "Somebody got the party started". It's unclear who they are or what gender, but either way, they're glimpsed flying across the map. The clip concludes with a not-so-subtle nod that we'll find out more on April 19. 

As well as a typically cryptic flash of the next legend, others picked up on some major map changes and new waterfalls overhauling the way Apex looks. We're used to tweaks over the seasons, however, it was arguably Season 7 that changed things the most thanks to the addition of the long-rumoured Olympus map.


When it comes to the next legend, your guess is as good as ours. Interestingly, there are continued whispers that "Valk" will finally take flight in Season 9. This mystery member was first revealed back in Season 2 on a board that listed Crypto, Revenant, Loba, and Rampart. They were described as a "Soaring Aviator" but are yet to make their presence felt in Apex


What else do we know about the big Apex Legends reveal?

In an altogether wilder twist, players refuse to give up on the idea of Titans crashing their way onto the map. With Respawn's Titanfall series providing Apex with its signature style, there have been calls for the dormant franchise to burst its way onto the Apex scene. Even though Respawn Entertainment Game Director Chad Grenier has downplayed the imminent arrival of Titans, we're not convinced. Remember, there were also those leaks of "Blisk" as another hint toward Titans and a more cohesive Titanfall universe. 


Importantly, we have to take Apex Legends with a large pinch of salt. While the likes of Call of Duty and Fortnite are no stranger to reputable leaks, Respawn pulled the rug from under us all with the reveal of the "fake" legend called Forge. Is the April 19 reveal simply more information on Valk, or is it something altogether more game-changing - *cough* Titans *cough*?

Everything points toward Respawn bringing its titles closer together, and with May 4 being Star Wars Day, are we going to get a bizarre crossover with Respawn's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Jedi? Probably not, but it would be a nice idea if the dev took a leaf out of Epic's book and delivered a massive crossover. Thankfully, there isn't long to wait until we find out what Respawn is cooking up. 



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