Rampart hacks are rampant in Season 6.

10:59, 28 Aug 2020

It looks like poor Rampart can't catch a break in Apex Legends Season 6. The latest addition to Respawn Entertainment's first-person shooter is causing yet more problems. Now, there's a Rampart vault hack that sees the quick witted modder gain access without using a key. While some pretty major Apex flaws have bogged down gameplay in Season 6, the problems with Rampart are mounting by the day.

Gaining access to one of the high-tier loot vaults is a lucrative way to get some sweet merch in Apex, however, constantly trailling around the map in search of a key - while putting yourself out in the open - can put players off. The idea that one Legend can gain you access without searching for a needle in a haystack might mean we see a lot more Ramparts running around these days. 


In-And-Out Vault No Key from r/apexlegends

Vault keys are usually accessed by downing one of the cargo bots that buzzes around the map. As they zoom above your heads, the cargo bots change from blue, to purple, to gold as a way of indicating what tier loot you'll get. If you look out for the mythical cargo bots with red panels on the side, it means there's a loot vault key inside. Shoot one down and grab your key - et voila. There are multiple vaults scattered around World's Edge, and by now, most players are familiar with where they are.

Posting on Reddit, u/Meanmanjr showed how a clever use of Rampart's glitchy abilities can push you into the vault to collect all the loot you want - then escape unharmed. After placing Rampart's fan-favourite minigun called Shiela, you can drop her Amped Cover (more on problems with that later) and then jump back on the minigun. If it's worked correctly, you should end up etching backward through the vault's door. It's all well and good collecting that loot, but unless there's a way out, you're a little stuffed.


Rampart Vault Hack

If you combine the glitch with Revenant's Death Totem, a fully-stocked Rampart should be out of the vault with all those goodies intact. With a thermite grenade in hand, simply make Rampart take one for the team and respawn outside. If that wasn't enough Full Boar Club took it one step further and showcased how to pull this off without Revenant by effectively doing the reverse of how you get inside. Full Boar Club looted all three vaults and made it outside with relative ease. 

Only recently, we explained how Rampart's Amped Cover was causing problems when opponents have heirlooms attached. One player explained how it took a whopping 14 times to down her Amped Cover when they had Octane's signature Butterfly Knife equipped. Still, that's nothing compared to the Rampart vault hack. With this being potentially the biggest game-breaking glitch we've seen in a while, expect Respawn devs to try and clamp down on this pretty quickly.

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Images via Respawn Entertainment

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