Apex Legends Players Threaten Boycott Following Halloween Event

Apex Legends Players Threaten Boycott Following Halloween Event

Written by 

Katey Roberts


13th Oct 2021 13:24

Apex Legends has truly cemented itself as part of the battle royale genre, with 10 seasons of exciting gameplay and legends in their arsenal. Normally, a constant amount of fresh content is a welcome addition to players, but not this time - and players have well and truly had enough.

Why are players angry at EA and Respawn over Apex Legends?

Following the release of the Apex Legends Halloween Event - Monsters Within, many disgruntled players took to Reddit to vent their frustration with the game’s current status, arguing that EA and Respawn have 'ruined Apex' and accused them of making it 'pay-to-play'. 

One angry Reddit user pleaded with the community: "Stop buying anything from Apex Legends. It started off as a joke, but it’s not funny anymore. It’s not a fun thing to play anymore, because when you join the game it feels less like you’re playing, and more like you’re trying to be sold something. If they can’t make money from their cash cow, they’re going to try and fix it. Until then, boycott the Apex Store and any events."

Other players agreed and said that they felt the game had been ruined by the number of microtransactions that were in Apex, but also that content creators and streamers were adding to the problem of feeling ‘inadequate’ to not fully participate in events without having to spend a huge chunk of money.

Why do players want to boycott Apex Legends?

Many have called for players to join them in 'boycotting' the game until EA and Respawn 'remove the number of paywalls to skins, events and more.'

It’s also been argued multiple times on the r/ApexLegends Reddit thread about the way the popular game is ‘currently unplayable’, with frustration shown after Respawn announced they’d be patching a Monsters Within issue without taking time to look at the long-time server issues. 

While there’s always been an inside joke amongst players about Apex’s playability, it hasn’t stopped them returning season after season in hopes of a change - but maybe the joke isn’t funny anymore. One thing’s sure, Respawn has a lot to do to change the current opinion of their game’s player base.


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