Apex Legends players have become stumped by a tree, as Respawn look to get to the root of the problem.

13:06, 02 Nov 2020

Apex Legends players have called for the woodchipper to be brought back into King's Canyon as they become stumped by the positioning of another singular tree in Kings Canyon. 

Legends once became bamboozled by a tree which caused Respawn Entertainment to get the axe out, as it obstructed movement around the concrete corner blocks that surround buildings out in the open. The tree ultimately caused many players being rooted to the spot before being turned into a death box.

Now, players have again branched out to Reddit before their twigs snapped as another tree has come into question.

This time, the tree in question is located south of the eastern bunker exit, towards the tunnels which head to Market and The Cage. Reddit user "u/SnaxelZ" swears that a tree has recently been placed which obscures the view of players looking to keep an eye on teams rotating in from the places like Airbase.

I fkn swear this tree wasn’t here before from r/apexlegends

The debate was swiftly split down the middle, with players claiming that "It’s been there, have a clip of a win in this area from s2 and the tree is there" and "I've seen it many times. I've used it as cover.", whilst others remained adamant that "It definitely was not" there and that it was a hint towards the "tropical paradise" map theory that was previously debunked due to the arrival of Olympus.


Whilst some users posted clips of the tree being in a similar vicinity, other users have now claimed that the tree has "gotten more leafy". 

Respawn Entertainment scarcely reveal any minor visual balances through their patch notes unless it was to make a major impact on the game, which means that it's unlikely that we'll ever fully understand whether the tree has been altered. However, with Respawn heavily focused on Olympus, its unlikely that they would be paying so much attention to the finer details. 

Unless Mirage is back to his usual tricks...



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Image via Respawn Entertainment

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