Go further than anyone has before with this ult pairing!

21:10, 13 Feb 2021

Another day, another Apex Legends player discovering something fun to do with Ultimate abilities! YouTuber Dirty Skirty has found a brand new trick for reaching new heights (literally) by using Wattson's Ult (Interception Pylon) and Octane's Ult Launch Pad. 

Described as a "super launch mechanic", the Apex content creator challenges you to go for " nutty trickshots with this!" 

Check out the clip below, filmed on the Firing Range, Apex Legends' practice map.

As we see from the video, placing Wattson's Ult on top of the jump pad offers an intense launch to the player, propelling them sky-high. 

But how did this glitch come to be found? Dirty Skirty told GGRecon: "just before the update, me and my friend were testing glitchy legend tactical and ult interactions; and discovered an odd mechanic with Octane/Wattson ults. Then once the update came and updated the Launch Pad strength, we knew we had to retest. My friend helps me with glitch, bug, and under-map exploration regularly. I've actually discovered a number of patch-forcing glitches at this point and love the idea of getting to explore areas and functionality that no one has touched."


Speaking about his unique discoveries, Dirty Skirty explains "I've been working to catalogue all the unique glitches and under-map exploration routes I discover so that others will: 1. Recognise my achievements, and 2. Have fun themselves! I aspire to be a streamer and content creator who, for Apex Legends, shows completely different ways of enjoying this very competitive game. It's my favourite FPS that I've ever played, and I just have so much fun finding unique ways to play it."

It's likely that this semi-exploit will be patched out soon, enjoy it while you can, and grab yourself some sick Kraber headshots!



Images via Respawn Entertainment 

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