The Apex player shows us how to get to the hidden loot bin, with trippy results.

11:28, 25 Sep 2020

Apex Legends has a secret - and you can find it! A YouTuber by the name of Dirty Skirty, discovered a hidden loot bin under the map on World's Edge, and shows you just how to find it.

Using Pathfinder, the player uses a Jump Tower to get to the location, and slides, ziplines, and grapples his way over to the suspicious loot bin, all while the trippy rainbow-laden scenery reminds us that no one is really meant to be under here...

Avoiding sliding into out-of-bounds areas (and being Eliminated), Dirty Skirty parkours his way through the obstacles, and uses his abilities to get over to the lonely loot bin. 

Unfortunately, it seems the Respawn devs weren't hiding this loot bin for any good reason - as Dirty Skirty himself says "I've actually never gotten a Gold or a Purple [item] to spawn in this box".

Check out the video for yourself below.


This isn't the first time Apex Legends players have discovered not only ways to get under the map, but exploit it to win games as well. Back at the start of September, a video of the final circle of a Ranked match appeared on Reddit, where the other team could not be seen.

When the players die, and the camera switches to spectating the Champion squad, you can clearly see the glitched environment. This exploit was patched out by Respawn quickly, but eagle-eyed players still find ways to disappear from the match, and win.

I guess we are hiding under the map to get wins now in Apex. from r/apexlegends

The hidden loot bin may already be gone, but feel free to try to find it for yourself on Worlds Edge!

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Images via Respawn Entertainment

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