One Apex Legends player gets some sweet revenge on a wayward teammate by throwing them off a cliff.

18:05, 18 Oct 2020

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and in the latest dive into Apex Legends, that's become very apparent. Channelling some inner Scar from the Lion King/King Leonidas from 300, one player was shouting, "This is Sparta", as they threw an uncooperative teammate over the edge of a cliff in a blaze of brutal glory.

Being matched with a lame-duck teammate can be a frustrating part of any first-person shooter, but when you lean on them so heavily in a game like Apex, it can quite literally ruin a match.

Worse than this, imagine having a teammate that destroys the fun of the game and then defiantly taunts you with it. With loot stations, there are growing reports of teammates that will happily swipe your swag without a second thought. 

Apex Legends might be all about comradery and teamwork, but in new footage shared by redditor u/tryunus87, they dolled out a big slice of humble pie for a wayward teammate. It all kicked off when Tryunus87 bought some armour and circled the buy station, only to have it snatched by their teammate. It's easy to imagine their blood boiling from behind the screen.


A Thief's End from r/apexlegends

In the video, Tryunus87 and another vexed teammate repeatedly punched the thief, but after a minute of no avail, they decided to try something different. While friendly fire can be a big problem in FPS games, Respawn Entertainment has it turned off for Apex.

Although it should mean you can't get revenge on troublesome teammates, it's made others get more creative with their kills. Here, Tryunus87 used Wraith's portal ability to hurl the sneaky player to their certain doom.

One end of the portal was placed near the Lifeline player, while the other was over the cliff. The second round of punching sent them tumbling into the portal and over the edge of the cliff.


Tryunus87 reiterated they weren't angry that the player stole their armour, but that they were so unrepentant in their actions. The moral of the story is to think next time you're tempted to double-crossing your teammates. There are some creative minds out there. Either way, justice was definitely served. 



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Images via Respawn Entertainment

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