Apex Legends, completed it, mate.

08:30, 27 Dec 2020

Apex Legends is one of the more complexed battle royale games, with each legend having multiple abilities that can influence each and every scenario. Whether you're reigning airstrikes from the sky or ziplining across Olympus, players have now found a technique that guarantees wins. Stripping the game back to its simplistic beauty, the method behind becoming the champion of the outlands lies with "clicking on the heads" of opponents. Simples.

The method was found by one of the few trusted random teammates solo queuing to save the duos from the depths of despair after their recent third man by the Gamertag of TTVWraithMain went rogue and disappointed their five Twitch viewers. Coming in to save the day, Reddit user “JimothyElric” shared the advice he was gifted with from the unsung hero.

Some great advice for PC players from r/apexlegends

The advice has led to some players notching up a 1000% damage increase, dropping 40 bombs and 5k damage with the Kraber and a Mozambique. 

One player who adopted this advice explained how it was game-changing, stating "I have also struggled with my aim and accuracy. I was starting to lose all hope, i tried everything. Countless hours in aimhero and in the training room. But nothing worked form me. I was so close to just becoming a Health drone dispensary.

But then i saw it, the advice that would change my life. "Just click on the head LOOOOOL" I was perplexed, i could not believe it. Could this be the answer? Would this save me from a lifelong addiction of ultimate accelerator?


I was so eager to test it out, and to my great surprise, it worked. I went from a lowly 50 average damage per round to 5600 and 40 kill average. I now have eight cars, five girlfriends on three different continents and a penthouse apartment in NYC."

So there it is Apex fanatics. Click on their heads and your life will change for the better. 

Pay attention. Ya might learn a thing or two. - Ajay "Lifeline" Che


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