The first trailer for Apex Legends Season 7 finally confirms the arrival of Horizon and the long-awaited Olympus map with her tragic backstory.

10:00, 27 Oct 2020

While the Apex Legends Season 6 trailer teased we'd be shooting for the stars with a Hammond Robotics rocket and the introduction of Rampart, players were left rightly puzzled when this season's drop of content included literally no reference to the cosmos.

Things finally picked up toward the tail end of Season 6 with the disembodied voice of Horizon and the recent arrival of some UFOs, but as Season 7 edges closer, we finally know what it means. 

The latest Legend was originally teased as a character called Valk - which fit previous hints of a mythical map called Olympus. Valk seemed to be a placeholder for the hardened heroine that would become Horizon, and as she prepares to make her official debut, her tragic backstory has also confirmed the brand new Olympus map.

After months of speculation and datamining, the gods are preparing to welcome you to Olympus. 

What is the Olympus map?

The first teaser for Apex Legends Season 7 was packed with more action than usual as it confirmed Horizon, Olympus, and some snazzy wheels with a new vehicle to try out. This season is officially dubbed "Ascension" and (unsurprisingly) takes the game to dizzying heights. In a follow-up blog, Respawn wrote, "Ascend to a beautiful, lush city in the cloud. Just watch your step — it’s a long way down to the planet below". 


Just like Olympus from Greek mythology, this version looks like a city hovering in the clouds. Although there hasn't been a full look at the map yet, it appears to be a mass of skyscrapers supporting even more aerial areas. As players are rightly warned though, don't take a tumble off the edge because it's a long way down. Alongside Olympus, there's the introduction of the Trident, which is a vehicle capable of carrying your whole squad.

So where's all this heading? Aside from marketing material, the once dormant Hammond Robotics rocket at Launch Site has fired up its thrusters in anticipation of Season 7. Added to this, there are more hints of Dr Mary Somers, aka Horizon, popping up around the game. 


What is Horizon's backstory?


Given the pick and mix of harrowing backstories the Legends have, claiming the title of "most tragic" is quite a feat. However, we think Horizon has clinched it. In her intro video, Somers is revealed as a genius astrophysicist who attempted to solve an energy crisis by heading off into the stars to search for power crystals. The gut-punch is the fact Somers left her young son behind - teasing a heart-breaking twist.

Although Somers' mission was a success and she found the crystals she needed, her co-worker detached the research ship and sent Horizon spinning off into the icy depths of space. Horizon had a final trick up her sleeve as she used the crystals to transport her home, but there was a catch. Horizon found herself back home, albeit some 87 years into the future. We're getting some serious Ellen Ripley/Aliens vibes.


It's unclear how Horizon will fit into Season 7's main narrative, but until now, she's been asking players to help unlock gravity lifts around the map. It's likely that these gravity lifts will be a way to transport to Olympus and indulge in a good ol' fashioned battle royale bloodbath. With Apex Legends Season 7 expected to land on November 4, it sounds like we're in for the biggest (and loftiest) season yet.


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Images via Respawn Entertainment

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