A new game classification board has hinted at when the Apex Legends Switch release is coming to Nintendo's console.

09:54, 20 Oct 2020

Respawn Entertainment is preparing to "switch" it up with its upcoming Apex Legends port for Nintendo Switch. The acclaimed first-person shooter has been out on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox since 2019, however, news of an Apex Legends Nintendo Switch release is nothing new.

Respawn said it would be getting all its console ducks in a row at an EA Play announcement earlier this year and confirmed Apex on Switch for "fall 2020". A whole season is a pretty broad spectrum, meaning fans have been scrambling for any hint of a solid release date.

With Apex finally supporting cross-play as of October 6, many had hoped this would've been the perfect time to also unveil the Switch port. Unfortunately, that date has been and gone. While we got distracted by cross-play and teases of Season 7's Horizon, you'd be forgiven for forgetting about the poor Switch release.

Now, an American Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) classification is our biggest clue yet that an Apex Legends Switch release is just around the corner.


The ESRB rating is nothing of much interest as it gives Apex Legends the expected "T" rating for "blood-splatter effects, realistic gunfire, and large explosions". The real takeaway here is the fact the classification means a release could be imminent. ESRB classifications are usually the last stop on the tour before a game is released to the public. Although there's no official word from those at the top of Respawn, it can't be long until Apex Legends finally get the Switch love it deserves.

When can we expect an Apex Legends Nintendo Switch release?

Only this month, Game Director Chad Grenier confirmed the Nintendo Switch port was still in development, but stopped short of giving a concrete release date. Grenier posted on Twitter and simply wrote, "We are still working on it. Can’t say more". The speculation is that an Apex Legends Switch release could land on or around November 10 - which is when Season 7 is rolling out. There's a lot of hype surrounding the drop of the next Legend and teases we'll finally be getting to the bottom of that Olympus mystery with the potential introduction of a city map suspended in the sky. 

What else is coming to Apex Legends?

The dataminers have been hard at work on Apex Legends and delved deep into the code to find what else Respawn has been working on. Other prominent leaks suggest a series of Halloween skins could be landing. These are tipped to arrive around October 22 and kick-off a horror-themed event. Elsewhere, there are whispers of a permanent Arena Mode also lurking in the depths of the game's files. All in all, there's a LOT going on with Apex Legends right now.


Since its release, the Switch has moved away from the tried and tested Mario formula of Nintendo and embraced a wider world of game ports. Alongside BioShock: The CollectionResident Evil 7, and DOOM, Apex Legends could be a big hitter. Also, who could forget the popularity of Fortnite on the Switch? Even those who've tried out Apex on PC and other consoles can't wait to try out gyroscopic soothing and the potential of taking their match on the move.

For now, we'll have to wait just a little longer until Apex Legends makes its long-awaited arrival on the Nintendo Switch and joins the rest of the family.



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