Apex Legends Reveals Exciting New Map Called 'Tropics'

Apex Legends Reveals Exciting New Map Called 'Tropics'
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Joseph Kime


19th Jul 2021 10:19

Apex Legends devs Respawn has given fans plenty of reasons to re-engage with their existing game maps, but it looks like they’re not finished just yet. The huge reset of maps that came with the recent event has brought a lot of fans of the game at launch back to join the newbies, and the original versions of the maps that the later players haven’t seen before have given a new level of excitement to the daily drop.

For some, this move has been interpreted as a distraction - and to be fair to them, they’re technically right. Respawn has been working on a new map to throw into the game, and we’ve had very little information to go off regarding its style, layout and scope.

But now it has been leaked that the map will have a familiar mode of transport that will excite a lot of players.

Upcoming ‘Tropics’ Apex Legends Map Has Tridents

New Apex Map Revealed, Titled 'Tropics'
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It has been revealed in a leak that Tridents, the hover-cars that populate the Olympus map, will be making a return in the upcoming Tropics map.

This revelation was shared by GarretLeaks, a notorious leaker for Apex, on his Twitter page. He points out the minor changes that differentiate the two types of Tridents he shows off, indicating that the Tropics vehicles are set apart by the splashes of mud and dirt along the sides and back.

Have There Been Any Other Tropics Leaks?

Garret’s reference to this map, calling it “Tropics” is in line with another leak that was dug out of the game’s code in August 2020. Code was found that read “MP_RR_TROPIC_ISLAND_DESC”, which is supposedly very similar to the code that is present in the World’s Edge and Kings Canyon maps.

The new map is barrelling towards us, and it looks to have a tropical theme, bringing a bit of dirt and grit to the sleek battle royale title. For many, it’s about time that the game got a new BR map, so fingers crossed it’ll be with us in the upcoming season ten update.


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