Blisk will also bring in the help of his trusted Titans.

17:32, 24 Mar 2021

I believe it was the famous Michael Scott whose panicked screams of "Okay, everyone stay calm. It's happening. It's finally happening," rang through The Office and have etched it into the deepest part of my skull. With this latest Apex Legends leak, I have about fifteen Scotts charging around. It's finally happening.

Respawn Entertainment's two babies are finally merging, after months of rumours. Kuben Blisk, the creator of the Apex Legends games and devilish tech giant antagonist in Titanfall, looks set to enter the arena amidst all the pandemonium caused by Fuse. 

In the wreckage of Kings Canyon, Blisk also looks set to deploy his famous Titans to add more fuel to the fires, literally. 

According to footage leaked by credible Apex Legends dataminer "Biast12", or Tobias, Blisk is already within the files and has been revealed in the shooting range. Coming in with an Ultimate ability that calls down a Titan from the sky, akin to a Lifeline Care Package, Blisk and his machines aren't here for a mess around.

The video shows the Titan landing, spanning nearly twice as tall as any legend, giving off pulses of vision and firing huge automatic weapons from its arms.


Although the machine looks terrifying and overpowered, Biast12 predicts that it will likely be "really powered down", before adding it won't be "Doing that much damage, but just annoy people, and having a really short time being active, you can already see in the video that it's up for little to no time."

The clip also showcases his Passive and Tactical abilities. The Passive looks set to allow Blisk to "Hack" Survey Beacons, with Biast12 also adding that he may be able to wall-run, just as we saw the Shadows do during the Halloween event.

His Tactical which can be viewed by the end of the video creates a mini Ring Fury area/zone that damage people in it.


Blisk could potentially land in Apex Legends Season 9.  



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Image via Respawn Entertainment

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