Their new name is 'Firebug', and the leaker has cited the Legend for a Season 12 release.

11:20, 28 Sep 2020

Ah, the world of Apex Legends datamining, where leakers reveal the latest unreleased information to a legion of hungry fans, and to the chagrin of the Respawn Entertainment developers. So, what are the Apex dataminers up to this week?

Leaking a 'new' Legend, that's what. 

Okay, not really new, but 'Seer' (also known as 'Prophet') has been a much-talked-about Legend due to appear in the game, and @SomeoneWhoLeaks has revealed that the character should have been in the game "before Season 5".

Fellow dataminer Biast12 chimed in to confirm that fact, and a third leaker, Winchester, confirmed his name.

So it seems that Seer is actually named 'Firebug', and will be released in Season 12. It seems development issues have delayed Firebug from entering the game. 


As for Firebug's abilities? Well, a YouTube video from CoffeeASAP, reveals even more info about the mysterious Legend. Another EA game series, Crysis, apparently lends the character to Apex, crossing over in the form of character Laurence "Prophet" Barnes from Crysis 2 and Crysis 3. 

CoffeeASAP offers these possible abilities for Firebug, which were then confirmed to GGRecon by Biast12 as appearing as the following in the old leaked files. 

Passive: Sniper Training – Seer has improved accuracy while ADS and starts the game with a scope.

Tactical: Spotter Sight – Seer scans the environment for enemies and gathers information on targets found.

Ultimate: Triple Tap – Seer equips a silenced Sniper Rifle with three shots.


It seems this character will be the ultimate stealth sniper, as well as offer some recon abilities similar to Bloodhound.

It may be some months or even years until we see Firebug come to fruition, but this is undoubtedly further proof that Respawn are planning Legends, maps, and more, even six seasons into the future of the game. 


Images via Respawn Entertainment 

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