Respawn Entertainment is heading into a new season and a two-year anniversary, but what is the Apex Legends kill record?

17:00, 08 Jan 2021

As Respawn Entertainment's Apex Legends approaches its two-year anniversary, it's time to look back at the Titanfall spin-off's already impressive legacy and who's climbed to the top of the rankings.

Whether you like jumping into Kings Canyon as Rampart, shooting up enemies as Wraith in World's Edge, or trying out Olympus as Horizon, the game has a loyal fanbase that can't get enough of this cartoony first-person shooter. 

The competitive Apex scene has grown thanks to the likes of the Global Series, while there's also a huge number of casual players who regularly parachute off the dropship. With Respawn queuing up Season 8, fans might want to know about the Apex Legends kill record and whether they can take the crown as the hero shooter's ultimate killing machine.


Who holds the Apex Legends kill record?

Liquipedia has listed the Apex Legends kill records and who can hold the title as a record-breaker. To qualify, all matches have to be recorded and uploaded to the internet in their full form. Cheats and hacks obviously aren't allowed, while modified game files and toggled muzzle flash are also outlawed. When it comes to holding the record, account level isn't taken into account.


Looking at Solo, the top spot goes to New Zealand "Mortveus" with a whopping 40 kills using Crypto. This amazing feat comes from June 25, 2020. Mortveus' win is followed by Denmark's "Badoli" with 39 Pathfinder kills. The Top 5 is rounded off with Russia's "Exeratio" with 38 Pathfinder kills, Venezuela's "Phardon" with 37 Pathfinders, and Estonia's "Slempy" with 37 Wraith kills. Mortveus' record killstreak is on console, meaning Badoli is the winner when it comes to PC.

For Squad kills, the American team of "Im GobbleSauce", "i am Maseoon", and "DGxSlum" secured 53 kills on June 7, 2019. Next up, "Nisa" (Italy), "Caspere" and "Leodeddz" (both Switzerland) clocked up 51 PC kills as part of Samsung Morning Stars on June 22, 2019. For Squads, the Top 3 includes 50 kills from Fnatic EU's Nikola "N1KOLA" Svensson, Kha "iPN-k0u" Nguyen, and Dan "rpr" Usic on May 25, 2019. 

There are some impressive stats here, however, it's important to remember Liquipedia doesn't track records for limited-time game modes, meaning the above records aren't absolute.



What's next for Apex Legends kill records?

It's clear to see the Apex Legends kill records are a hotly contested medal of honour. It's interesting to note Pathfinder seems to be the Legend of choice for Solos. Squads went through a winning streak in June 2019, begging the question of when someone will topple the winning teams. 


Apex Legends Season 7 is coming to a close on February 1, so there couldn't be a better time to try and break a record with the inevitable boost to player numbers. The latest rumours suggest there will be a massive anniversary event that will reveal a new legend that could either be Kuben Blisk - Apex Games creator - or an explosives expert called Fuse. If you fancy yourself as an Apex Legends Legend, why not try and smash the kill record for yourselves?


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