Respawn Entertainment is dealing with Apex Legends Season 7 complaints by giving players double XP for a limited time.

16:06, 13 Nov 2020

Things haven't exactly run smoothly for Apex Legends Season 7's debut. Despite the all-star arrival of new Legend Horizon and the long-awaited drop of the Olympus map, Respawn Entertainment quickly came under fire for accusations that the Season 7 Battle Pass was too much of a grind. Although developers originally said they wouldn't rework the current system, they're doing something to appease critics by adding a limited-time double XP event. Well, that should shut most of you up. 

While the usual Apex Legends Battle Pass system helped you level up with XP, "Ascencion" added a new progression system where you were awarded stars for completing tasks. The problem was, a bug meant anyone who didn't reach 10 stars within a week had their progress reset and the (up to) nine stars they'd earned would become void. 

Respawn had two goals with the Season 7 Battle Pass - "make it engaging for the entire length of the season" and "encourage you to try out new Legends and playstyles". Devs have admitted they've missed the mark with the first iteration of the Battle Pass and have added a double XP event to try and cheer us all up.

Posting on Twitter, the official Apex Legends Twitter confirmed a new patch should fix the progression bug. Added to this, there's also a change to the amount of ring damage dished out - meaning you're in for a deadly late-game circle. Posting on Reddit, Community Director Ryan Rigney added, "In a perfect world we wouldn’t have to fix it at all, but pretty sure it’s a result of us pushing out OTHER BP fixes/changes quickly". 

It's been a rough week for Respawn as the anger has flowed from every direction. One disgruntled gamer took to Reddit and ranted, "Proud to announce that after all five daily challenges, 20k XP, three top fives, and one win with eight kills. I have finally hit battle pass level two".

If you want to make the most of Apex Legends' double XP, you've got until next week's update to do so. Even though we might be busy with playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War or Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, now could be a pretty good time to suit up and jump off the dropship into Olympus. 

Considering how hard it was to gain stars in Season 7 anyway, it was a major blow to lose your progress if you hadn't reached the 10-star milestone. Still, is double XP enough to fix the slew of angry players who've hurling abuse at their screens over the mountainous Battle Pass? Although Apex Legends is free-to-play, Respawn has followed in the footsteps of Epic Games and Fortnite's Battle Pass.


By paying a certain amount, players are given a tier progression system that adds unique content, skins, and weapons that are a must-have addition to your Apex arsenal and wardrobe. The business model usually works and brings in a small fortune for Respawn, but when it comes to Season 7, grind and glitches marred the Battle Pass' early days. Is double XP enough to convince everyone to put the debacle behind them? We'll have to wait and see.



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Images via Respawn Entertainment

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