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17:31, 25 Dec 2020

Like many other games nowadays, Apex Legends has unleashed a bit of holiday cheer via an exclusive seasonal event. Holo-Day Bash 2020 brings with it a special limited-time mode (LTM) and a slew of new and old winter-themed cosmetics.

With so many options to choose from, many players are left contemplating what’s worth their money and what’s not. This guide will run readers through the most festive cosmetics available this holiday season. Our goal is to help Apex Legends players look as festive as possible in their battles over the holiday season and beyond. 

Legend Skins

Frost Ancient

DesktopScreenshot20201216 03350222png

Revenant’s newest skin, Frost Ancient, has him looking like a Whitewalker from the Game of Thrones series. Revenant takes on a skeletal form, ready to haunt his enemies. This skin is not very festive, but that’s not Revenant’s style anyway. Regardless, Frost Ancient is a must-cop for Revenant mains.

Crystalline Perfection

DesktopScreenshot20201216 03351790png

Loba fans have been begging for attention for quite a while now. Loba had yet to receive an additional Legendary skin outside of her base Legendaries. That is, until now. The 2020 Holo-Day Bash event blessed us with a Loba Ice Queen skin named “Crystalline Perfection”.

This skin was a target of criticism in the community. Loba’s complexion looks a bit orangey and her makeup doesn't exactly match the rest of the outfit. Despite this, Loba mains will take what they can get at this point.

Hack Frost

ApexLegendsScreenshot20201216 03224733png

Crypto takes on the appearance of Jack Frost with this Winter-themed skin. The developers obviously had the same idea, as the skin is cleverly named “Hack Frost”. Hack Frost is one of the most detailed skins ever released for the often neglected Crypto. Hack Frost is available for a limited time through the 2020 Holo-Day Bash event.


ApexLegendsScreenshot20201216 03221244png

Claustic AKA St. Caustic is back for the holidays. While Caustic may be dressed as Santa Claus, the stuff he’ll be pushing down your chimney is anything but merry.

Brudda Bear

ApexLegendsScreenshot20201216 03232134png

A favourite from the 2019 event, Brudda Bear is back again. Brudda Bear has Gibraltar dressed in a polar bear costume from head to toe. Not a single piece of Gibraltar’s natural look is visible. The devs have mentioned the difficulty in creating skins that appear unique while still maintaining each Legend's specific looks. We’d say they did a wonderful job with Brudda Bear. 

Deep Freeze

ApexLegendsScreenshot20201216 03231407png

The only Epic skin on this list, Deep Freeze provides Rampart with some holiday cheer. Deep Freeze is the first event skin designed for Rampart. Priced at a mere 1,000 Apex Coins, Deep Freeze is a cheap alternative for players looking to up their festive rating.

Gun Skins

Sugar Rush

ApexLegendsScreenshot20201216 03225438png

The R-99 has some of the nicest gun skins in all of Apex Legends. Sugar Rush is a highlight of this exalted cast. The skin carries the look of a classic candy cane. As the name implies, Sugar Rush is great for rushing your enemies and displaying the true power of the holiday spirit.

Ice Cold

ApexLegendsScreenshot20201216 03240592png

Ice Cold is a beautiful winter-themed R-301 skin. Gold, white, and blue colours accent the one-of-a-kind design. Ice Cold is so stunning that users of this skin may be too busy inspecting their gun to focus on the battle in front of them.

Special Delivery

ApexLegendsScreenshot20201216 03233756png

The Special Delivery Flatline skin fits the festive-theme to a tee. The skin is green and red with animated Christmas trees and other holiday ornaments wrapping around the sides. The Flatline is one of the best guns in Apex Legends right now, so the Special Delivery skin should see a lot of action.

Gift Wrapped

ApexLegendsScreenshot20201216 03243203png

Similar in style to the Flatline skin above, Gift Wrapped is exactly what we picture when we imagine a Christmas-themed gun skin. Unleash gifts on your opponents from afar with the Gift Wrapped Triple Take skin. And by gifts, we mean sniper rifle bullets.

Weapon Charms


ApexLegendsScreenshot20201216 03241811png

Stay in the holiday spirit year-round with a festive weapon charm. Sure, skins may fall out of season, but weapon charms are a low-key way to honour the holiday beyond the winter months. The Tree charm adds a touch of Christmas spirit to any gun of choice.


ApexLegendsScreenshot20201216 03392528png

Similar to the Tree charm, the Stocking Weapon Charm is great for players looking to engross themselves in holiday joy while slaying out in Apex Legends.


Overall, there are far too many seasonal cosmetics to list them all. Narrowing it down, the list above contains the standout pieces from this 2020 holiday season. It’s hard to go wrong with any of the options listed in this guide. But in the end, it’s all personal preference. 


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Images via Respawn Entertainment

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