Apex Legends players are worried that a new game-breaking bug is running riot in Respawn Entertainment's hero shooter.

12:54, 22 Dec 2020

While we're used to hearing about game-breaking glitches in Cyberpunk 2077, it's now Apex Legends in the firing line with its own catastrophic issue. The introduction of the floating Olympus map was a huge part of the game's Season 7 overhaul, which also added a new mode of transport in terms of the Trident squad vehicles and a Legend in the form of Horizon. 

After complaints about Season 7's Battle Pass being impossible to complete due to sheer grind, this latest game-crashing glitch has players throwing their controllers and mice at their screens in rage. At first, this Olympus glitch was an amusing addition to the game, but as the days roll on and it gets worse, it's no longer funny. 


What is the Apex Legends game-crashing bug?

This was a game breaking experience (literally all our games crashed after this) from r/apexlegends

There's a worrying report about a player being catapulted into the air and unable to get back in the ring. Worse than this, being pulled back to the ground caused the game to crash. Posting on Reddit, u/Jolly-Moment showed off the Apex Legends game-crashing bug, which was seemingly triggered by a collision with a Trident. The screen cut to the player flying high above the map alongside the message, "Get Back in the Ring". They fired at the ground as a last-ditch attempt to fix the situation, but alas, it was too late.

As well as describing it as a "game-breaking bug", Jolly-Moment confirmed, "Literally all our games crashed after this". It looks like this was triggered by teammates crashing into each other. While the squad found it funny to bump into each other with the Trident, the smile was soon wiped from their faces. Until we can figure out what actually caused it, we'd advise you not to play bumper cars with each other during matches.

I see your flying pathfinder and raise you 2 flying pathfinders from r/apexlegends

We recently saw a similar bug where Pathfinders were being thrown around the map like frisbees. Back then, we all found it hilarious, but now there's a game-crashing bug, it's not all fun and games. Unlike the Pathfinder problem, the latest one actually ruins the game for everyone - not just the person affected.

It's unclear whether the lastest Apex Legends game-breaking bug is connected to the Pathfinder one, but either way, the skies above the maps are currently pretty busy. Devs haven't responded to this bug yet, but now that more and more players are bringing it to their attention, chances are it'll be hotfixed pretty soon. Respawn is already hard to work on its plans for Season 8, 9, and beyond, but maybe it should iron out the current kinks first.



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Images via Respawn Entertainment

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