Hyper Scape players have discovered an Apex Legends Easter egg within the game.

14:03, 10 Sep 2020

The bustling world of battle royale games is continuing to grow as the likes of FortniteCall of Duty: Warzone, and Fall Guys sit at the top of the pile. A relative newcomer to the pack is Hyper Scape, and while it's not quite reached the levels of something like Apex Legends, that hasn't stopped Ubisoft giving Respawn Entertainment's fan-favourite shooter the nod.

Gaming Easter eggs are nothing new and are some of the most in-depth around. From Mario appearing in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask to the PlayStation Vita popping up in The Last of Us, some of the best games out there can be turned into their own Easter egg hunt.

When it comes to Ubisoft, there's a prevalent theory that all its games exist in their own shared universe. We've seen Fourth Echelon goggles in the background of The Division, an Abstergo logo in Far Cry 3, and even Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher stopping by in Rainbow Six Seige, so can we now add Apex Legends to the Ubi-Verse? Well, not quite. 


Mozambique Here ! (Found in Hyperscape) from r/apexlegends

Anyone who's jumped in an Apex match will know the deafening call of "Mozambique here", which is a slogan that will haunt our lives forever. The annoying call is the game trying to get you to pick up the Mozambique shotgun. Believe us, the last thing you want to do is pick up the Mozambique, which is basically one of the worst weapons in the game. "Mozambique here" has become a viral sensation with memes and even songs made about it.

It seems Hyper Scape couldn't help but poke fun at its rival as shown on Reddit by u/imBrettValentine. Heading to the game's Neo Arcadia map, you should be able to find a desk with the word's "Mozambique here" scrawled on it. Is an Easter egg to a more popular game really enough to save Hyper Scape though?

Hyper Scape Ubisoft

Since its release in July 2020, Hyper Scape has been plagued by critiques. While some praised it as a Quake-style arena game, others said it was a cheap version of games like Apex and simply wanted to jump on the battle royale bandwagon. The other big problem is Hyper Scape finding enough players to populate a match. For whatever reason, Ubisoft has struggled to get the word out, meaning Hyper Scape is still flying under the radar.

Although we won't take responsibility for any PTSD-triggered flashbacks to Apex's "Mozambique here", we've got to admit it's a pretty clever homage to Hyper Scape's competition. Why don't you look for it next time you suit up? That's if you're one of the few currently playing Hyper Scape

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