Olympus has been taken over by Rampart's Sheila and Crypto's Drone.

13:25, 06 Nov 2020

Apex Legends has a new meta, turning Rampart into an Attack Helicopter with help from a familiar face. 

Whilst many players have been rushing to select Horizon in their latest ventures across the brand-new map Olympus, others have opted for another route, heading back to the Season 6 tech-savvy destruction specialist, Rampart. Why? Because of an exploit whilst teamed with Crypto that allows Sheila (Rampart's ultimate ability turret) to be placed on top of Crypto's drone and flown around the map.

This also means Rampart herself can jump on Sheila and be escorted to various locations with Crypto as the pilot, and unleash a barrel load of gunfire on enemy teams from above. Should Crypto also have his ultimate available, Rampart will have easy pickings as she can shred through players who are armourless. 

The exploit first surfaced on Reddit on the morning of November 6 as one user demonstrated it in the shooting range, leading players to dive into Olympus and cause havoc. 

NRG content creator and former Apex Legends professional, Brandon "Aceu" Winn has been found to be taking the chance to rack up some wins using the exploit, as demonstrated through the following clip of his stream.

New apex meta from r/CompetitiveApex

The 25-year-old esports extraordinaire has come under some criticism for using the exploit, with comments from Apex Legends fanatics calling for an explanation as to why Acue is allowed to do this, as many other exploiters of bugs in recent years have warnings or bans. 

Hitting back at the claims, Aceu stated on Twitter that "I showed a bug in a casual match so the developers can fix it".

The bug makes Rampart's ultimate ability ridiculously overpowered, especially on a map where players have been struggling to find fast-paced games with so much open space on Olympus.


It's likely that the bug will be patched rather quickly by Respawn Entertainment, however, you can always place Sheila onto the Trident if you're looking for some high-powered shooting. 



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Image via Respawn Entertainment 

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