Respawn could soon bring cross-progression into Apex Legends.

09:55, 02 Sep 2020

While Respawn Entertainment originally downplayed the idea of cross-progression in Apex Legends, the latest scoop claims it could soon be introduced to the first-person shooter. Developers told players that cross-progression was "impossible" when the title first launched.

Unlike cross-play where you can take on your friends on PC if you own a PlayStation 4, cross-progression allows you to play your actual profile on multiple platforms. If you want to move your skins, gear, and achievements over to a different console, cross-progression allows you to do it.  

As cross-progression pops up in battle royale brawlers like Fortnite, it's often forgotten in others. Riot Games is missing out on cross-play AND cross-progression with VALORANT, meaning Respawn could get the edge on the competition.


Trusted Apex dataminer Shrugtal shared a video of potential cross-progression from account to account, highlighting a code in the backend that reads: "proxy/commerce_gateway/valuetransfer/transfer?personaId=%s&platform=%s&accountId=%s_%s&offferId=%s&locale=%s". They claim it could hint at a cross-progression system currently being tested by developers. Delving a little deeper, it means everything from skins to charms, cosmetics to "entitlements" (like starter pack access) could be swapped from profile to profile.

It's likely that you'd have to pick one "main" profile on console or PC, then see progress ported over to another. All in all, it should create a more coherent Apex family. The big question now is, will cross-progression also come alongside the upcoming release of cross-play?


Apex Legends Rampart

We've already seen Respawn nudge ahead of VALORANT with confirmation of cross-play, but the idea of cross-progression would arguably bridge the final gap between different factions. With the next generation of consoles dropping before the end of the year, talk surrounding cross-play and cross-progression is a continuing point of contention. Although companies can get greedy with keeping their fanbases separate in a way to earn more money, players have got savvy to this.

Alongside cross-play, cross-progression is one the most asked for features in Apex Legends. Have our prayers finally been answered, or are we barking up the wrong tree?

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