Another Apex event is coming, and this time it's a collab with LA streetwear brand Chinatown Market!

13:05, 29 Mar 2021

Any Apex Legends player knows that aesthetics are key, and you must enter the arena with the best fit possible, to slay the competition in more ways than one. The coolest cosmetic items such as skins are coveted in Apex Legends, and every Collection Event brings with it new outfits to cop. 

Starting March 30, the Chinatown Market Event begins and brings with it several new and amazing skins to purchase for your Legend of choice.

The collaboration with Chinatown Market, an LA streetwear brand established in 2016, is popular amongst the fashion elite and looks to be bringing its special brand of chic to the world of Apex.

While all of the skins that will be available and details have not yet been revealed by Respawn Entertainment, here is what we do know.

Apex Legends Chinatown Market release date

The Apex Legends Chinatown Market Event begins Tuesday, March 30, and will probably last for one to two weeks, so get those skins while you can!

Apex Legends Chinatown Market Skins

At the time of writing, only two skins have been officially revealed by Respawn Entertainment - the Sundown Desperado Bloodhound skin (Legendary), and Mic Check Lifeline.

However, eagle-eyed dataminer Shrugtal has leaked a couple of other interesting and stylish skins that we should be seeing during the event, including Ringside Wraith and Night Crawler Mirage.

Apex Legends Chinatown Market skins prices

As with any Apex Legends event, skins are categorised by Legendary and Epic. Legendary skins should be able to be crafted for 2400 crafting materials, and Epic skins exchanged for 800. In terms of Apex Coins, the standard pricing would be 1800 and 1000 respectively. 

Make sure you log in to Apex Legends from March 30 to check out all the Chinatown Market event skins, and grab one for your main!




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Images via Respawn Entertainment 

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