Apex Legends arenas shop guide

Apex Legends arenas shop guide

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Coleman Hamstead


7th Jun 2021 17:18

Arenas is a brand-new game mode added to Apex Legends in Season 9: Legacy. Two teams of three go to war in a straight-up battle on symmetrical arena maps.

Arenas is not just your typical team deathmatch mode, though. Arenas has a deep Economy System where players must purchase new guns, equipment, and abilities each round. With this in mind, there’s an added layer of strategy not found in the standard Battle Royale mode.

What guns should I buy in the early rounds? When should I upgrade my gun? When should I buy my Ultimate ability? 

We’ll answer all of this and more in our Apex Legends Arenas shop guide.

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What to buy in Apex Legends arenas - Eco-rounds (Rounds one and two)


Eco-rounds, or Economy-rounds, is a term that carries over from games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) and VALORANT. In the early game, players  won’t have many Materials available, therefore, purchases must be limited.  You won’t be able to buy everything you want yet, so it’s very important to conserve and prioritise. Players begin each game of Arena with a mere 550 Materials.   

Players will have a few options in these first couple of rounds. Frugal competitors can opt to stick with the free P2020 or Mozambique. These weapons cost zero Materials to obtain but are obviously not ideal in a gunfight. But, if you believe you can make it through a round with only the classic Mozam, you’ll be at an advantage in the later rounds with your excess Materials.

Players looking for a bit more firepower can opt for an RE-45, EVA-8, or even an Alternator. The RE-45 and EVA-8 will set you back 250 Materials while the Alternator is a bit more expensive at 400 Materials. However, these guns all come at a much lower cost than some of the other high-end weapons, and they can certainly hold their own in a fight. The EVA-8 is a great secondary option at all stages of Arenas and the Alternator is truly underrated. The 550 Materials players begin the game with is just enough to purchase an Alternator and one Shield Battery — not a bad way to begin the match.


Meds are a crucial aspect of Arenas gameplay. Oftentimes battles will come down to which team can outlast the other in this department. In Eco-rounds, we recommend purchasing at least one Shield Battery. Chances are you’ll lose your shield at least once and need to boost it back up. Players begin each round with two Shield Cells, but that’s often not enough. 

Legends with self-healing abilities such as Octane really shine at this stage of Arenas. Also, Legends like Lifeline can heal their team and provide additional meds, allowing their teammates to skimp on heals. But not everyone has this luxury. Consider purchasing a couple of extra Syringes for 25 Materials each as an emergency backup.


Utility consists of Grenades, Abilities, and the Gold Backpack.

At this stage of the game, utility usually isn’t a priority. Guns and Meds take the lead over utility for the most part.

The only time this doesn’t hold true is when a particular Legend has a must-buy Ultimate or your squad is running a specific strategy around your Legends’ kits. For example, Lifeline and Loba will likely want to purchase their Ultimate abilities wherever possible. For just 400 Materials, Lifeline will receive an upgraded gun and two Shield Batteries. Likewise, Loba can snag her and her team items from all around the arena.

Otherwise, it’s probably best to save on utility. Legends begin each round with a free charge or two of their Tactical ability. This should usually be enough to get through a round without the need to spend extra Materials.

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What to buy in Apex Legends arenas - Mid-game rounds (Rounds three, four, five, and six)


Starting round three, all players will be upgraded to a Purple Helmet to match their Purple Body Shield. The added defence will require more firepower.

Players will start with added Materials after each subsequent round. Plus, kills add 75 Material each and collecting Material canisters around the arena will add 200 Materials to your budget. This is where players can begin purchasing their favourite weapons. 

At this stage of the game, you should have enough Materials to splurge on top-tier guns such as the Volt, Mastiff, Wingman, or even the new Bocek Bow. Players may want to hold back on adding upgrades, but you can at least grab the base versions.


Meds become an extremely important factor of Arenas mid-rounds. Like we said before, Arenas is often a war of attrition. Teams that don’t spend enough on meds will find themselves constantly drained of shields and health before they can close the distance on the opposition.

Vice versa, teams that stack up on meds will have a unique advantage. Teams that build around Meds can slowly deplete the enemies of their resources. A viable strategy is to purchase long-range weapons and pick at the enemy team. Potshots add up. Teams that don’t prepare well enough will be out of shields in a short time. 

Once the opponents have been exhausted of their limited heals, it’s time to push in and finish them off.


Mid-round utility is one of those areas that’s almost entirely dependent on your team’s current situation.

Is a team giving you trouble with Rampart’s Amped Cover? Maybe the enemy squad continues to claim the high ground and decimate you from above? Buy a couple of Grenades with your leftover Materials and push them out of position.

This is also the time to start purchasing extra abilities if you believe it’ll make a difference in your battles. Mirage instantly becomes a 1v1 machine with the purchase of his Ultimate. Legends such as Octane, Revenant, Pathfinder, and Valkyrie can use their Ultimates to apply pressure on enemies and claim power positions early. You can usually get away with just your free Tactical ability charges, but consider purchasing a couple extra here, too, if you’re playing a Legend like Bloodhound that relies on their Tactical.

Whether or not to splurge on utility in these middle rounds depends on the situation at hand.

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What to buy in Apex Legends arenas - End-game rounds (Seven, eight, and nine)


This is where things get fun. By now, players should have a near excess of Material. Feel free to upgrade those guns. All players will have Purple to Red Body Shields, so the extra offence will be needed.

Certain guns show their true strengths once fully kitted. For example, the Volt can equip a Digital Threat Optic. This will allow the user to counter enemy Bangalore smoke or thrive within their teammate’s smoke.

You may not have enough Material to fully upgrade both guns. In that case, it’s probably best to focus your attention on the primary of your choice. Weapons such as shotguns and the Spitfire are formidable even at their base level. These are ideal secondary weapons.


Stack up on Shield Batteries, Cells, and Med Kits for these final rounds. Players will want to make sure they have 200+ HP available when the time comes. Neglecting this category is a huge mistake. No amount of firepower can make up for a lack of shields and health. Smart teams will take advantage of squads that aren't prepared.


It’s time for Ability Legends. These final rounds are where Legend abilities really shine. Use strategy and tactics to combine your squad’s abilities and win fights.

This is also the time for Lifeline, Gibraltar, and Mirage players to purchase the Gold Backpack if they haven't already.

Arenas is a brand-new experience in Apex Legends. Many Battle Royale players probably aren't familiar with the Economy Systems from games such as CS:GO and VALORANT. Arenas is more than just skill; outplaying your opponent through your purchases is an important factor in success. Use this guide to budget and get the most out of your Materials.


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