The new 3v3 mode brings a unique twist to the gameplay of Apex Legends.

17:15, 26 Apr 2021

Apex Legends Arenas has been confirmed, and the 3v3 permanent game mode promises to breathe fresh air into the battle royale, on a whole new playing field. 

Not your average LTM or Takeover playlist, Arenas is a brand new game mode in its own right, a Team Deathmatch style game with a twist. Directed by our very own Ash, with its own maps formed of POIs from World's Edge, Kings Canyon, AND Olympus, Arenas is about to change the game - literally.

What is Apex Legends Arenas?

Gone are strategy, longevity, and maintaining the high ground - it's time for boots on the ground, and to get down and dirty combat-style. It's really 'last team standing' this time around, as 3v3 focused fights take place on smaller condensed maps. A round is won when all members of the opposing team are eliminated. 

Competing over multiple rounds, you'll need to win at least three rounds, and be ahead of the opposing team by two points.

For example;

  • Either win three rounds without losing more than one round to win overall
  • Or pull ahead by two rounds to win (e.g. 4-2 or 5-3)
  • Win the Sudden Death tie-breaker round (round nine) to take the victory (if it goes 4-4)

If you’re eliminated in a round, you can't be respawned, but you’ll be ready to brawl again at the start of the next round. You can still revive knocked teammates. 

Before the game begins, you have limited time to prepare in your spawn area, but once the shields have lowered and you enter the battleground, you'll find supply bins (with healing items) and material canisters scattered around some familiar locations. 

Did you think you were safe from the Ring in Arenas? Think again. Before the round begins, your map will show where the Ring will close, as well as what weapons will be dropped in (in the form of a Care Package filled with upgraded weapons, which increase in rarity as the rounds progress).

Apex Legends Arenas Weapons

Similar to VALORANT and CS:GO, there is a small portion of time allotted before every round to buy weapons using materials. Use materials earned in previous rounds to get and upgrade weapons, customise your loadout, buy ordnance such as grenades, and healing items. 


If a materials canister is collected during a round, it will give everyone on your team 200 bonus materials to be spent in the next round. Eliminating an enemy also awards you 75 bonus materials.


Each round starts fresh, so you can't carry over your items, and buying a weapon gives you the base gun with no attachments. Guns can then can be upgraded to white, blue, and finally purple, which unlock hop-ups, optics, and attachments of that rarity.

Apex Legends Arenas Abilities 

Ability usage in Apex Legends Arenas are limited and do not recharge indefinitely. Legends start with Tactical charges, but additional and Ultimate charges can be purchased with materials in between rounds, and Ultimate and Tactical charges will carry over to the next round.

Apex Legends Arenas Rewards
Apex Legends Arenas Buy Screen

Apex Legends Arenas maps

Custom-tailored maps will be the backdrop for these 3v3 fights, and take place on POIs from Kings Canyon, World’s Edge, and Olympus.

Party Crasher

Mirage Voyage has come crashing back down. The Party Crasher map is in a " luxurious, downtown plaza", consisting of the ship itself, and two-story buildings, with a plethora of options for flanking and high-ground.


Phase Runner


The Phase Runner on Olympus is a "hidden, experimental zone at the peak of a mountain" with an out-in-the-open centrepoint and long sightlines.

Apex Legends Arena Locations

In addition to the two maps above, three POIs will be on a bi-weekly rotation as the battleground for Arenas, so there will always be three maps to play on.

  • Artillery from Kings Canyon
  • Thermal Station from World’s Edge
  • Golden Gardens from Olympus

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Apex Legends Arenas Maps
Apex Legends Arenas Maps

Apex Legends Arenas rewards

It wouldn't be Apex Legends without cosmetics to earn! Badges and other unique rewards are on offer for completing various tasks in Arenas. XP earned via Arenas can also be used to level up your Battle Pass, and specific Arenas challenges will be available.

Apex Legends Arenas Ranked 

Leakers have mentioned that Arenas will have a Ranked feature, but Respawn are not confirming when that will be just yet. The official word from the developers is: "We’ll continue to add more features like Ranked in future updates."

Apex Legends Arenas release date

Arenas will be dropping on the same date as the release for Apex Legends Legacy (Season 9) - May 4. Squad up, drop in, and make Ash proud.



Images via Respawn Entertainment 

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