New Apex Legends leaks hint that a long-awaited Arena Mode could be on the way as part of the Season 7 update.

09:55, 15 Oct 2020

You asked for it, and it looks like you might be about to get it. According to the latest Apex Legends leaks, Respawn Entertainment could finally be working on bringing Arena Mode to the first-person shooter and take the acclaimed title to the next level for players to enjoy.

If getting to grips with Training, the Firing Range, Play Apex, Duos, Ranked Leagues, and Flashpoint wasn't enough to keep you busy, how about chucking a whole new game mode into the mix?

Season 7 is just around the corner, meaning the internet is awash with rumours and theories. Alongside hints of the new Legend called horizon and the long-awaited introduction of the mythical Olympus map floating in the sky, Arena Mode could be a big coup to keep gamers coming back for more.



Reliable dataminer Shrugtal found hints of an Apex Legends Arena Mode in the game's code - focussing on the 6.1 patch update. Here, Shrugtal found UI elements for "Arena" on the "Play" menu. The trusted leaker noted that the string of “arenas_mode” is currently in "false" mode, suggesting that it is out there but not activated yet. As with all these things, fans will have to take it with a pinch of salt for now.

What is Apex Legends Arena Mode?

For as long as we can remember, there have been suggestions of a permanent Team Deathmatch (TDM), with Arena Mode being the most likely candidate. Imagine a permanent setup of Arena Mode in Skulltown and you'll see what we're leaning toward here.

As Shrugtal noted, it could include a healing factor similar to Flashpoint and give players a place to flex their muscles with training before dropping into the gauntlet of a ranked match.

Is Olympus destined for Arena Mode?

Interestingly, there's also the idea that Arena Mode could be played out on Olympus. The tease of a city floating in the sky was first hinted at toward the end of Season 5 when Lifeline and Octane spoke about the planet Psamathe and the city of Olympus.

This was doubled down when the first Season 6 trailer showed off Loba and a Hammond rocket launching off into the cosmos. Many have taken this to mean Olympus will be our next travel destination, with Season 7 being a logical time to introduce it.

Logistically, an Arena Mode might not even arrive with the latest overhaul. If it's in the testing phase, Season 8 would be more likely. Still, we can hold out hope that it will be one of the upcoming season's exciting new features. For now, we'll have to sit back and wait to see whether Olympus and Arena Mode are coming with Season 7 or we've once again been led down the garden path.


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Images via Respawn Entertainment

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