The Lost Treasures Collection Event drops June 23.

18:45, 18 Jun 2020

The rumours were true; Apex Legends is giving Crypto his very own Town Takeover for the Lost Treasures Collection Event!

Announced June 18 at the EA Play Live Event, Respawn devs revealed the new Collection Event and all of its amazing features.

Discover the new Crypto Town Takeover, take on the “Armed and Dangerous Evolved” limited-time mode, and unlock up to 24 spectacular items!

Limited Time Mode - Armed and Dangerous Evolved

Armed and Dangerous is back - with a twist. The much-loved limited-time mode, where the only guns available were snipers and shotguns, has returned. Only Evo Armour will be available, and you'll drop into the match wearing it. 

Respawn Beacons will be removed for the game mode. Why? Because of the new item - the Mobile Respawn Beacon. 

Apex Legends Lost Treasures
Mobile Respawn Beacon

Use this item in Armed and Dangerous Evolved to call down a miniature Respawn Beacon almost anywhere on the map, then use your squadmates Banner Card to revive them. Once the beacon lands, it isn't locked to you, so make sure you use it fast - before an enemy swoops in and brings their teammate back instead. 

If this seems like an item you'd love in all modes of Apex Legends - we have good news. Once the Collection Event is over, they will be added to the regular Apex Legends loot pool across both Public and Ranked matches.

The Lost Treasures Event Rewards

As with every Apex Collection Event, there are many treasures waiting to be unlocked. 

Apex Legends Lost Treasures
Lost Treasures

Complete Challenges daily to unlock rewards.

Limited Time Event Cosmetics

Fancy something a little more... legendary? Open the Event-specific Apex Packs or direct purchase all 24 themed cosmetics.

Non-Event items can be from the following categories: Weapon Skins, Legend Skins, Legend Finishers, Banner Frames, Banner Poses, Banner Stat Trackers, Intro Quips, Kills Quips, Gun Charms or Crafting Metals.

Unlocking all 2-dozen Event cosmetics will unlock the ultimate prize - the Mirage Heirloom. And no, it's not a pork chop. 

Apex Legends Lost Treasures
Mirage Heirloom

The Mirage Heirloom is, unsurprisingly, a small golden statuette of...well, himself. This trophy-cum-melee-weapon is the perfect accessory for the Holographic Trickster with an ego.


Read up on all the details here, and join Crypto in his search for the Lost Treasures. Find out more about his hacker past in the Lost Treasures Collection Event, dropping Tuesday, June 23.


Images via Respawn Entertainment

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