Respawn Entertainment Producer wants a Gibraltar and Tom Nook crossover.

12:47, 03 Feb 2021

When it comes to Apex Legends' skins, it's normally Gibraltar who has the most adventurous looks. The plus-sized, dynamite loving, shield warping Outlander has often been repackaged in all sorts of gizmos and cosmetics, ranging from a full polar bear to a William Zabka wannabe, and even a deadly tribe warrior. 

The Brudda Bear skin has become one of the most signature experiments for Apex Legends, adding a stellar comedic value to the gameplay, opening the scope for Gibby's teddy-bear like physique to be crafted into a range of animals. Over the years there have been several concepts for Gibraltar to be warped into a grizzly or panda, although the developers have opted to stay more mainstream by crafting skins such as Blazin Hot - a flame induced rastaman that looks straight out of San Andreas.

Now, ahead of Respawn's collaboration with Nintendo, bringing the battle royale to their Switch consoles, one producer has teased fans by suggesting a Gibby and Tom Nook skin could be in the works.

Taking to Twitter following the announcement of Apex Legends coming on Switch, Respawn Entertainment Producer, Josh Medina simply quizzed "Tom Nook Gibby Skin WHEN" leading to a mass frenzy.

Alongside the Apex Legends and Animal Crossing skin crossover, fans have now suggested that Caustic could pick up Mario's wrench to try and plumb the smell of sewage coming from his traps. 


Others have suggested a full line of Nintendo crossovers which could coincide with the Switch launch, consisting of the silver-haired warrior Zelda being reanimated through Wattson, and Octane opting for a change of pace with a Yoshi adventure.

Whether it is all just a bit of bait is yet to be seen, although the clogs seem to be spinning in the minds of Respawn Entertainment's team. 



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Image via Respawn Entertainment | Nintendo

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