Apex Legends players think they've found the perfect hiding spot on Olympus, but is this really the dream locale we've been looking for?

06:15, 14 Nov 2020

As Apex Legends players get to grips with the new Olympus map, there are plenty of secrets to be uncovered from this floating city in the sky. Despite Apex Legends Season 7's "Ascension" only being live for a week, fans have already started digging deeper into the pros and cons.

Alongside the addition of Horizon and her technological wizardry making its mark, there's also the new Trident vehicle to transport your whole squad around. However, both of these are relatively minor compared to the massive inclusion of Olympus.

This giant floating city was first teased back in Season 5, meaning the arrival of Olympus isn't exactly unexpected. Still, few of us expected to see this sky-bound oasis packed with palatial gardens, bistro cafes, and the quick-travel Phase Runner portal. Despite there being so many hideouts to take hold of as a sniper's paradise, one has become more popular than the rest. Although it was once a well-kept secret, expect anyone and everyone to be clamouring to claim it for themselves now. 


Where is the secret Apex Legends Olympus spot?

Since this place on the map is almost always contested, here’s a spot to get away and pop some heals from r/apexuniversity

An Apex Legends video on Reddit highlighted this secret locale and has gone viral by earning the title of being Olympus' "best" spot. Head up to the Research Basin that is by the cliffs north of Hammond Labs. There's a small cave that you can dive in for a defensive and offensive goldmine. Ducking under the structure, you get a great view of Olympus and are safely hidden away from enemy fire.


Added to this, anyone who attempts to access your hidey-hole while you're in there is sure to be in for a shock when they're staring down the barrel of your gun. Whether it's taking a minute to rest or hail down bullets on rivals, this spot is a must-know stop on your Olympus map.

Other players were suitably impressed with the reveal. One wrote, "Found this spot by accident the other day its amazing no one sees you even if they're coming from the direction where they should see u". Another added, "Ow f**k, I could had won a game, I was alone against a 2 full squads on this spot on final circle and didn’t knew where to hide, if I knew about this place I could had won, thanks for this information". 


Is this really the best Olympus spot?


Not everyone thinks this is the best place to hide in Olympus though. Others pointed out there the map is littered with places to hide and how barely a day goes by without another being uncovered. That being said, "ratting" isn't all it's cracked up to be. A critic reminded players, "With bloodhound being played a lot nowadays, it doesn't really matter, as rats are getting scanned a lot now :)". Also, we'd warn against relying on this spot for an automatic win. One crafty gamer said, "I'm going to make sure I leave a Caustic trap in here ever time I pass by". 

Despite Olympus' popularity, there have been moans that its POIs are stacked with too much loot and the wide open spaces don't offer enough cover. Something like the above spot seems like it would the perfect place to lie low, but now that the secret is out, you might want to find somewhere else to hide. 



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