Angry FIFA Player Annihilates Their Controller In Fit Of Rage

Angry FIFA Player Annihilates Their Controller In Fit Of Rage
EA Games | Castro_1021

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Katey Roberts


7th Oct 2021 13:04

Every gamer has had a moment (or two) when they've felt the need to angrily launch their peripherals across the room in frustration, but one FIFA 22 streamer is making the headlines for his own rage-induced moment during a Twitch stream.

After being down on the game 2-1 on October 5, streamer Edwin "Castro_1021" Castro lost a game of FIFA 22 but didn't take the loss well at all, screaming "broken game" in frustration.

The streamer launched his Xbox controller onto his desk, but didn't stop there - also smashing it against the floor. It's safe to say, he was not happy at all, and the Twitch chat continued to egg Castro on to 'smash the controller even more'.

Apparently, though - Castro is pretty well-known for getting a bit heated during his streams, and many of his gaming accessories tend to become casualties depending on how well he plays the game. 

It's probably advisable to not throw your controller after a potentially infuriating game, as nowadays it can cost a fair bit of money to replace them (roughly £69+). 

FIFA 22 recently got a giant week-one patch which was brought in to reduce the effectiveness of goalkeepers when diving from corner shots inside the penalty box - EA has said specifically applies to shots taken within 37 feet/11.27 meters of the goalkeeper.

There's also changes to the goalkeeper's shot animations, and has issued a fair amount of fixes to issues brought up by players in the game's first few days of release. 

With the number of fixes to the goalie, it's no wonder that Castro was left so frustrated following the gameplay, but thankfully the patch notes have claimed to fix as many known problems as possible - so hopefully, the streamer's controllers and headsets can now live a life without fear of being annihilated.


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