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20:30, 10 Jan 2021

Whoops, that's not intended! After having been in the game for a couple of months, a hilariously ridiculous Overwatch bug has made the rounds in wider circles that allows players to use a hero's emotes on other characters they aren't intended for.

For some heroes, the transition is smooth and, for example, Reaper performing the Sombra dances appears relatively normal other than the uncharacteristic movements for the hero. For other heroes, the transition doesn't go over quite as smoothly as limbs, torsos, and faces are horribly deformed in the most cursed ways, either squishing the hero or stretching body parts in all kinds of unnatural ways, having them move rhythmically to top it off. Whether it's a squished Zenyatta pressed into a ball or Tracer with her best Mr. Fantastic impression, all of it is in desperate need of an exorcism.

How to do the emote bug?

While we are here, why don't we teach you this witchcraft... In order to get the bug to work you have to join the queue for a game mode that dictates which hero you will be playing such as Mystery Heroes (which tosses you around the entire hero pool) or Winter Brawls (which has you play Mei and Winston). While you are in this queue, you go into your hero gallery and go to the hero whose emote you want to curse another character with. Select an emote and as the queue pops, select it into your emote wheel. Once the game forces you into the character it has designated for you, it will still recognise your emote wheel as the source of emotes you want to perform and allows you to use it.

Presumably because emotes on a code level are merely manipulations of how a specific position on each individual skin or hero behave, this is information is then ported onto the forced hero, often disfiguring them in the process. It (un)fortunately only works with looped emotes which have the possibility to run until you interrupt them, mostly seen in dance emotes. It should look like this.

Is this legit ? Have I missed something ? 😂 from r/Overwatch

Take your knowledge and use it responsibly and thank the universe that this won't work in ranked to get competitive advantages. Until then, stay up to date with all the latest esports and gaming news by checking out our social channels here: Twitter | Facebook | Discord


Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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