A new and improved Among Us beta has overhauled InnerSloth's murder mystery with anonymous voting and more features.

11:49, 14 Oct 2020

It's all change in the icy depths of space as Among Us is getting an overhaul from developers. Despite the team at InnerSloth only being made up of three, the devs have invested heavily in keeping this outer space slaughter ticking over nicely.

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing us all to stay in our homes, big streamers like Tyler "Ninja" Blevins and Félix "xQc" Lengyel have been getting to grips with Among Us and seen it soar to the top of the Twitch charts.

It was a short but sweet time in first place for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, but in the end, Among Us crawled out a vent and murdered Mediartonic's party game in electrical.

As Among Us continues to be our latest obsession, plans for InnerSloth to shift focus to Among Us 2 were scrapped in favour of tweaking the original. Now, Among Us beta will introduce a whole host of features including anonymous voting and accessibility for the colourblind. 


What are the new Among Us features?

As reported by Attack of the FanboyAmong Us beta is coming soon to iOS and Android and has a galaxy of patch notes. It's currently available on the beta branch of Steam, so here's what you can expect.

Anonymous voting

Things are going even more covert when it comes to emergency meetings. You can literally stab opponents in the back with the option of anonymous voting. It means you'll no longer know if your BFF is trying to throw you under the bus while looking a little "sus" themselves.

Task bar

The task bar will still show up by default, but the new rules mean it can be tweaked to show up just in meetings or never. Turning off the task bar means you'll all have to remember what was going on and where - potentially implicating yourself in a murder. 


Finally, InnerSloth has introduced features for colourblind players that will put new symbols on wires to distinguish them from each other. Hoping to improve the game's accessibility, these new "colourblind wires" were already teased by developers for the next update. 

Preview of the new colorblind wires in the next update! from r/AmongUs

Where can you get the Among Us beta?

Upgrading to Among Us beta is relatively simple. Log in to your Steam account and navigate to Among Us. Right-click, select properties, and open the beta tab. Scroll down to "public-beta" and click to force Among Us to update. 

InnerSloth hasn't revealed when these updates will be added to iOS and Android, but expect them to land soon. Oh well, "beta" luck next time. Either way, these new features are sure to make Crewmmates up their communication skills, give Imposters more chances to off innocent players, and generally make Among Us an even more stressful situation. 


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Images via InnerSloth

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