Allushin will play alongside Gimmick and Torment for Rat Enterprises in Lawlers Brawl 10K

15:54, 16 Jun 2020

Team Envy's Allushin will play alongside Gimmick and Torment for Rat Enterprises in Lawler's Brawl 10K, with Envy yet to decide on their third. 

Allushin to play alongside Rat Enterprises in Lawler's Brawl 10K
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Allushin saw himself return to Envy's roster for Codename: Covert after they had been trialling Retals out in Fusion, who in turn played with Rat Enterprises. The ex-Cloud9 duo are looking to cement a third, but after a poor performance in Codename: Covert, has decided to give Allushin a chance to become SquishyMuffinz's successor. 

Rat Enterprises failed to advance from the group stages whilst playing with Retals, suffering defeats to Squishy and NRG, and a mix of bubble players under the name of Loco. Meanwhile, Team Envy crashed out in losers round 2 at the hands of an eUnited 4-0 thrashing. A mix up in rosters will undoubtedly make both sides a stronger outfit.

Team Envy has yet to confirm their third, with players such as Retals and Turbopolsa without a team. Envy's Atomic and mist teamed with Retals for the Fusion event, where they were runners up in the 3v3's, losing only to Spacestation Gaming, and looked impressive, however, with players of Turbo's calibre on the market, they may look past Retals to help bolster their roster.

Furthermore, the Pittsburgh Knights have submitted their roster of AyyJayy, Gyro and WondaMike, with AlRaz returning to Stromboli, meaning Retals won't be playing with his parent team either.

So far, 15 out of 20 RLCS sides either trialled out new rosters or have submitted a roster change, so make sure to stay tuned at GGRecon for more roster news, as this off-season is far from over.

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