After Retals joined Spacestation Gaming, Allushin has teamed up with Gyro and AyyJayy for the The Peeps

20:40, 24 Jul 2020

Allushin has officially signed up for the Rocket League Championships Series (RLCS) Season X with Gyro and AyyJayy, joining The Peeps.


Allushin comes in to replace Retals who left after Season 9 and has recently been announced as Spacestation Gamings third.

The former Ghost Gaming player has endured a turbulent off-season trying out at numerous teams after Ghost departed the scene and the roster was picked up by Team Envy. Allushin saw himself be fazed out of Team Envy after the arrival of Turbopolsa in a roster-change frenzy. 

The trio revive The Peeps after Pittsburgh Knights have released the duo of Gyro and AyyJayy. The Peeps were home to Gyro, Retals and mist before Pittsburgh Knights acquired the three shortly after they won DreamHack Montreal 2019. With a seriously talented roster, Allushin, Gyro and AyyJayy will be on the hunt for a new home, as they set their sights on the Fall Split, not competing in the ESPN Esports invitational.

North America has an extra three weeks to prepare for RLCS X, in comparison to the European sides who kick off on August 1st, meaning the trio will have a short period of time to gel as a team unit before the biggest league in Rocket League history kicks off. 

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Image via DreamHack

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