All The Best Bits From The Twitch Rivals Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Tournament

All The Best Bits From The Twitch Rivals Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Tournament

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Katie Memmott


31st Aug 2020 18:30

"Could Fall Guys be the worlds newest and biggest esport?" That has been the question on everyone's lips ever since Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was released on August 4, and now Twitch Rivals has come to the forefront of competitive Fall Guys – grabbing the tournament crown early.

Hosted by WavePunk, and casted by OvileeMay and SanchoWest, who shared their frustrations about the game, we started off the August 28 tournament broadcast with some clips of our favourite streamers raging, winning, and doing the unthinkable (playing for Yellow Team) and, of course, TimTheTatMan's win.

With eighty streamers and pro esports players invited, the event had 20 teams of four players competing for points.

All your esports faves were there to compete as the cute little jellybeans, including NICKMERCS, Tfue, Shroud, Dr Lupo, and more.

For every team member that qualified from the first round of a Fall Guys match, a team received one point. For the second round, teams got two points for each player that qualified for the next round.

From there, each round awarded one more point for each qualifying player, until the final round, where players were awarded points for winning.

Check out the teams, formatting, and prizes below.

Fall Guys Twitch Rivals
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Fall Guys Twitch Rivals
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Fall Guys Twitch Rivals
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Let’s get into some of the best moments from the Twitch Rivals: Fall Guys Tournament.


All four members of Team castro_1021 made it to the Final (Jump Showdown), but those celebrations didn’t give them any extra luck. Three of the four team members were shafted by the falling platforms, leaving Bateson87 with the world on his shoulders. The tension was palpable as the spinning beams became faster and faster, but eventually, his opponent succumbed to the speed, and Bateson jumped away as the victor.


Crowd favourite Slime Climb separates the jellybean-boys from the jellybean-men. Absolute chaos abounds with no room for mistakes, and it takes out most of the lobby in true evil fashion.


As long-suffering Fall Guys fans know, See Saw can make or break your game – thanks to everyone else’s lack of basic understanding of physics. This rang true even in Twitch Rivals, as the See Saws stayed vertical for far too long due to a bunching of players on one side. Come on, guys.


Wavy and Dr Lupo went for the “jump and dive across platforms” strategy, making it harder for other players to yank their tails – something we had never previously considered as a tactic. We usually run around like a headless chicken... 


After a rousing series of knockout games, the points and the Vic Roy went to Team Castro_1021, and all that was left was to round it out with a victory lap in Jump Showdown. It was truly a nail-biter, as team members started to be eliminated, but in the end, Smash690 took the rightful dub (after a small bit of griefing).

The final results were as follows.

Fall Guys Twitch Rivals
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If you have a spare evening, you can watch the entire almost-five-hour broadcast right here.

At the end of the day, Fall Guys is just plain good fun, but if it can truly be “competitive” is yet to be confirmed - but we certainly love the drama.

Tune in for more Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout streaming fun on Fall Guys Fridays on Twitch.


Images via Twitch | Mediatonic

Katie is the former Sub Editor and Freelancer Coordinator at GGRecon.

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