The Winter split has reached its terminus, but it did not go quietly.

19:30, 03 Mar 2021

It’s all over. The Winter Split has reached its conclusion and the only thing we can look forward to now is the announcement of the Spring Split and the format of its Regional Events. It was North America’s turn to showcase its best Rocket League teams at the weekend, and their Major certainly didn’t disappoint, with shocking upsets, a stacked day two, and another thirteen-game-long grand final. The start of the transfer period was nothing to be scoffed at either, as NRG’s attempt to bait us was thwarted, and I fell for several fake accounts online suggesting Rizzo was leaving G2 (he had a shocker of an event to be fair).


Their run definitely wasn’t clean, but NRG pulled through against tough competition from Version1, Spacestation Gaming, Team Envy and Rogue. Jstn. made sure to pull a lot of the weight for his team with a respectable collection of stats spanning all departments - 3.24 shots per game (9th), 0.90 goals per game (7th) and 1.90 saves per game (14th).


Version1’s addition of Comm back in November has allowed them to make it even further in the bracket, and look like a certain seventh-place side. They were the only team not in the big six to reach the top six at the major and that’s, at least in part, down to Comm’s 2.23 saves per game, fourth overall at the event. Version1 fell to The Peeps in the end.


Taroco. keeps managing to find a way into the limelight, even when his teammates are popping off too. The Canadian took 133 shots over the course of his thirty-nine games (Rogue had a long weekend), and scored just over 27% of them (5th in the event). On defense though, Taroco. struggled to find the same magic, so Leonardo “Turinturo” Wilson and firstkiller were left to pick up the pieces.


The glue holding The Peeps together delivered once again, dragging the side to a fourth place finish before falling against Rogue. AYYJAYY had the highest shots and goals per game of any player that reached day two, at 3.55 and 0.95. The former Rogue player also had the fourth highest goal participation at the event, exceeding 75%.


Not even AYYJAYY could come close to the clip machine though. On our list of top five goals from the North American major, only two people were featured, because firstkiller got almost all of them.


Besides that, firstkiller picked up 0.92 goals per game, on par with his teammate Taroco., set his teammates up for goals twice every three games and put 3.44 shots goalwards every five minutes. Terrifying.

Like I said at the start, it’s all over, for now. Can’t wait for the Spring Split? Don’t worry! There will be more Rocket League news, interviews and features here at GGRecon soon!



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