The Crash Pad is an essential item for any Fortnite player. Here’s why!

18:14, 09 Apr 2020

The Crash Pad is the newest item added to the Fortnite loot pool. The Crash Pad was one of the many surprises found in Patch v12.30. This new addition has perhaps the most utility of any item in the history of Fortnite. It may not seem like it at first, but the Crash Pad is an essential item for any Fortnite player. Here’s why:

What is the Crash Pad?

The Crash Pad serves as a utility item, similar to the vaulted Bouncer or Bounce Pad. The Crash Pad is a Rare item that drops in stacks of three. When deployed, the Crash Pad acts as a safety net and catches falling players. When landed on, the Crash Pad launches players quite far and high.

On the surface, the Crash Pad seems like a simple item. However, Fortnite players have a reputation for finding untraditional ways to get the full use out of every new item or mechanic. We have seen the basic building mechanic evolve to heights that the developers never imagined. The Crash Pad is no different. Players have already found an abundance of unique uses in its short lifespan.

For the standard Fortnite player, the Crash Pad may seem like a nonessential. Sure, it can prevent fall damage but if you are not building too high in the first place, it may appear useless.

More advanced players will find that the Crash Pad is actually a must-have item. Let’s break down all of the different ways a Crash Pad can come in handy.

Regain Height Using The Crash Pad

In addition to saving players from fall damage, the Crash Pad can be used to travel in the opposite direction. During a build battle, players can place a Crash Pad and fly up and above their opponent. This leads to a free and easy high ground retake. Players that love to engage in high octane build battles will find the Crash Pad to be a necessity. Not only can it save you from plunging to your death, but it can also be used offensively for an instant, unexpected advantage.

Crash Pad > Grappler (@RangerMJP) from r/FortNiteBR

Rotating and W-Keying

The Crash Pad is not limited to vertical exploration only. It can be used for quick horizontal transportation as well. Throwing a bunch of Crash Pads in quick succession as you rotate can have you literally flying across the map.

From there, players have even more options. This technique can be used to rotate to circle or escape from an unfavourable encounter. If you tend to be a more aggressive player, use this same technique to hastily push an enemy team or third-party. The options are almost endless. 

If you think that’s a lot of utility, we are just getting started. Here are some even more unorthodox ways to get the most out of your Crash Pads.

Campers Hate Him For This One Simple Trick!

The first will allow you to rid yourself of those pesky little campers. Ever find yourself stuck fighting with a player that won’t leave a room? A player just constantly corner peaking you from around the door? A Crash Pad will do just the trick.

Throw a Crash Pad in a room to instantly destroy all the walls, stairs and ceilings around it. The Crash Pad is a large item that needs space to deploy. So, when thrown, the Crash Pad works to destroy any material in the way. A well placed Crash Pad will leave a camper completely exposed and vulnerable.

Don't forget to use Crash Pads like this too. from r/FortNiteBR

Escape While Downed in Fortnite

The last, and for sure the most bizarre way to use a Crash Pad is while down but not out. While downed, the Crash Pad can still be deployed. Players can use this feature to make a rather unconventional getaway. Bounce from pad to pad and flee to a safe location where your teammates can pick you back up in peace.

Crash pads are the best ngl (me playing with my dad) from r/FortNiteBR

That’s it for our guide on the new Crash Pad. Remember, this is a brand new item and players are still figuring out all the different ways to use it. In a month or two, we may have found even more unexpected uses for this fun item.

Get out there and try it for yourself. If you implement these tactics, you may find that it turns out to be a must-have item in your inventory as well.

Just make sure you don’t throw one down in the middle of a gas station!

Do NOT crash pad in the middle of a gas station from r/FortNiteBR

Image via Epic Games

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