With the Snake Shots nerfed, here's our guide to the new meta, the Akimbo Renetti Pistols.

18:00, 09 May 2020

In recent Call of Duty news, the super-overpowered Akimbo Snake Shot pistols have been nerfed, meaning they do less damage and their range has been significantly reduced. The dual-wield magnums which were a two-shot kill on Warzone with a full plate of armour, are now not the brutal weapons that they were once, leaving a void to be filled.

The Renetti Pistols are the answer. They are the polar opposite to the Akimbo Snake Shots, but they absolutely shred, if set up properly.

Introduced for Season 3, most believed the Renetti to be a simple pistol which would probably be found on the ground of Warzone as something that would quickly be disregarded and forgotten about, but they are quickly becoming one of the most used secondaries on the game, and it’s clear to see why. With the following attachments they will possess an incredible sprint to fire rate and a ridiculous fire rate, making them incredible at close range, even outgunning the MP7 and MP5.

Best Akimbo Renetti Loadout Attachments

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Muzzle – Desperado Pro Compensator
Barrel – Mk3 Burst Mod
Laser – 5mW Laser
Trigger – Lightweight Trigger
Perk – Akimbo

Starting with the Muzzle, this could easily be a suppressed attachment if you aim to be stealthy, although you will most likely be spotted with the lasers (we’ll get to that), you will find that these pistols do rack up quite a bit of recoil, and the Desperado Pro Compensator combats that quite well. It also makes the pistol look incredible. The trigger action is a no-brainer, it allows you to shoot quicker, which will be important for the Akimbo Renetti Pistols as they’ll often be used in close quarters where the first bullet landed will mean a lot. The 5mW laser will also be important for close-quarters combat, not for the actual laser but for its huge sprint to fire increase, which means if you are sprinting around it takes less time between sprinting and firing, again, this is crucial for close-quarters combat.

The Mk3 Burst Mod is what makes these so incredible. They change the semi-automatic pistol to a three-round burst, and combined with the lightweight trigger, they’re almost fully automatic. Finally, and what’s most important, you will need the Akimbo perk.

How to unlock Akimbo Renetti Pistols.

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The Akimbo perk is only usable after you unlock it. To unlock Akimbo you will have to finish a small mission. You will have to get three kills in five different matches using the Mo’Money perk equipped to the Renetti. The Mo’Money perk is unlocked at Gun Level 36, which means that you will have to grind out some serious levels on this weapon to achieve this. Double Weapon XP tokens will help towards this, as well as having it equipped to your Warzone loadout, which will build weapon XP just for equipping it.

Once unlocked, you will have a seriously quick and powerful secondary which will all but guarantee to get you kills at close range.

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