President of Activision, Daniel Alegre, has confirmed 'significant new content' will be coming to COD Mobilet to celebrate its anniverasary.

10:59, 05 Aug 2020

Alongside the Modern Warfare Season 5 reveal, the President of Activision, Daniel Alegre, has confirmed that Call of Duty: Mobile will be receiving 'significant new content' to mark its one-year anniversary.

Despite no prior hints to what this new content might consist of, it will certainly be something extra to the game that will captivate the nostalgia of fans. So far CoD Mobile's success has been spearheaded by a blend of the best weapons in the franchise's history being playable on the best maps from the 17-year cycle of high-quality shooters.

Most recently Call of Duty: Mobile was blessed with arguably the most loved map ever in COD history: Highrise. The map that originally played host quickscopers and trickshot fanatics on Modern Warfare 2 was remastered for the first time, driving huge amounts of traffic to the app.

Highrise Remastered Call of Duty Mobile
Image via Activision

We are now approaching Season 9 of Call of Duty: Mobile, taking us up to the anniversary on October 1st. Season 9 will include a brand new feature in 'Gunsmith', which will work similar to how Modern Warfare's gunsmith works, allowing for a huge range of attachments and customisations to be built on your chosen weapon.

The popularity of the app is also surging. It was revealed yesterday (August 4), that in each of the three seasons introduced in the second quarter of the year, Call of Duty: Mobile generated more net bookings per day than the day prior, showing that more people than ever have been choosing to jump on their phones to play the exciting standalone COD mashup. The app also flew to the top of the grossing charts in the U.S. app stores.

With the inaugural Call of Duty: Mobile World Championships boasting a monumental $1million in prize money too, the app is becoming increasingly popular to both casual and esports players. The World Championship qualifiers are underway with the grand finals to be played later this year. 

Whether you're an esports or casual fan, Call of Duty: Mobile is set for huge changes in the future, which can only be for the better.

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Image via Activision

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