Leo and Vincent are replicated in an It Takes Two Easter Egg.

19:10, 04 Apr 2021

A Way Out is a cooperative strategy game in which two players take control of fugitive pair Leo and Vincent as they work together to escape incarceration. Published by Electronic Arts, the coop-only game shares many similarities, albeit subtle, to its cousin It Takes Two. Despite disparagingly different plots, graphics, and characters, the utilisation of two players who have to work together to achieve an endgame goal is visible in both.

After hitting the market back in 2018, it appears Leo and Vincent did break out of prison and are in the clear from the local constabulary, although they have wound up imprisoned elsewhere. 

Thanks to an Easter Egg, EA's coop title have collaborated, after one fan found that the devilish pair can be found assisting May and Cody within the pillow fort of their daughter's bedroom. 

Upon crossing the two familiar battery-operated dolls, May and Cody can be found quoting "they’re from my favourite video game", as an indirect reference to A Way Out.

It Takes Two players can interact with the figures, which cause Leo and Vincent to recite lines from their title. However, players can also decide to “collaborate!” with the duo by jumping on the buttons at the same time, resulting in a short cutscene to play out, showcasing the two characters working with each other.


EAs latest adventure game has excited many players upon release, offering a relaxing yet engaging pastime that must be enjoyed with a buddy. With 25 varied mini-games to participate in alongside the main quest, It Takes Two is almost guaranteed to keep you from boredom. 

I wonder where Leo and Vincent will end up if they make A Way Out of It Takes Two's imprisonment.



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Image via Electronic Arts

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