A Call Of Duty: Vanguard And Attack On Titan Crossover Is On The Way. No, Really

A Call Of Duty: Vanguard And Attack On Titan Crossover Is On The Way. No, Really
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Joseph Kime


8th Nov 2021 10:08

It hasn’t even been a week since the launch of Vanguard, and already, dataminers are getting their hands dirty in the game’s code. As predicted.

Their work is indispensable for those who like to be ahead of the curve when it comes to Call of Duty, revealing particular details before their announcement to the public and taking a peek at what could be next for the latest franchise title.

Call of Duty has been going bigger and bigger with every crossover instance - with Warzone bringing horror and action movie icons to the game as operator skins. Now, the series could be bringing anime with it in Vanguard. This is not a joke.

Vanguard x Attack On Titan Crossover Could Be On The Way

In a turn that could be the most bonkers crossover the franchise has seen yet, Call of Duty looks set to introduce a collab with the anime series Attack on Titan to Vanguard

Dataminer Nanikos recently discovered and shared a few files buried in the code of the game that reveal a potential upcoming crossover - particularly, lines of code that feature "swordtitan" and "aot_titan".

This is a fascinating discovery, especially considering that anime hasn’t even been touched by Fortnite yet (despite Naruto rumours that haven’t come to fruition yet), making Call of Duty the first to capitalise on the massive fanbase.

But what could the crossover actually be?

CoD Attack On Titan Leak Could Reveal New Game Mode

The assertion of "Titan" in these Attack on Titan leaks seem to point to the fact that a new mode could be coming to the game that sees players take on Titans themselves.

This coincides with the upcoming final season of the anime, so we’re also likely to see some characters join the game as operators (Eren Jaeger, especially) - but the period setting of the series lends itself nicely to the world of Vanguard, while a mode that sees players take on the raging behemoths could help to distract from the game’s unfinished Zombies mode.

It’s a curious crossover for sure, but one that could be executed brilliantly. Here’s hoping that Vanguard doesn’t employ the weird anime-style skin aesthetics of Fortnite. If this is the case, Sledgehammer already runs the risk of being an arcadey nightmare.


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