From simple bugs to spawns, we've picked 5 ways that would make competitive Call of Duty even better!

20:00, 16 Jan 2020

In keeping with previous Infinity Ward Call of Duty titles, the developer of Modern Warfare has seemingly neglected the competitive Call of Duty once again. With minimal feedback coming from Infinity Ward regarding the current competitive state of the game. Modern Warfare is quickly falling down by the wayside as one of the worst titles for Call of Duty esports.

So, what exactly can be done to stop this from happening? Here are five ways that could drastically improve Modern Warfare as a competitive title.

1. Fix The Bugs!

This is something that is slowly beginning to happen which is great. In its latest community update, Infinity Ward has stated that the slide-cancelling movement mechanic that gives players no time at all to react is being looked at by the development team. Hopefully this means that it will be removed from the game or heavily nerfed so it doesn’t offer such a large advantage for players performing the move.

According to a lot of professional players, there are still numerous errors when using the Trophy System field upgrade. In some cases, it even kills friendly teammates rather than block projectiles which doesn’t bode well when the Call of Duty League (CDL) is to be played on a game still riddled with problems. The sooner these bugs and issues are fixed, the better it will be for both players and spectators.

2. Remove Domination

When it was revealed that Domination would be the third game mode being used for competitive play, there was plenty of unhappy voices coming from players and fans alike. Domination plays extremely slowly and the spawn system is almost uncontrollable.

As a potential alternative, Capture The Flag was tried by multiple teams during practice but it was deemed that players just waited for their Dead Silence to come online before any attempt of a play was made.

There is definitely scope for a different mode to replace Domination in the competitive rotation. In my opinion, I think that Control could work extremely well on Modern Warfare but I doubt that it will make a return this season.

3. Spawns

Alongside the 725 shotgun, the spawns on Modern Warfare are possibly the most talked about issue that is occurring in the game. Although Infinity Ward has tried to address the issue in a number of patches, players still find themselves spawning in places where they shouldn’t, not great when control of the map is an integral part of Call of Duty esports.

Teams can be comfortably holding two flags in a Domination game and there is every possibility that an opposing player will spawn at the opposite end of the map despite the team having control of the map. Improvements to the spawns will almost certainly improve the competitive state of the game and the sooner this is done, the better it will be for both casual and competitive players.

4. Footsteps

As well as the spawns, footsteps have also been a contentious issue within Modern Warfare. Despite changes to the volume of the footsteps, they are still very loud which makes tracking players extremely difficult especially in a multi-storey building.

With Infinity Ward remaining defiant regarding the presence of Dead Silence as a perk in the game, making movement when crouching, walking and moving while aiming down sights completely silent would give players much more freedom to execute a play rather than wait to hear the movements of the enemy and reacting to what they do.

5. Add a Ranked Playlist

The last point on the list would be beneficial for both casual and competitive Call of Duty players. The introduction of a ranked playlist with its own dedicated ranking system would be an extremely welcome addition to Modern Warfare.

Having a playlist that uses the CDL maps, game modes and ruleset is a great way of introducing casual players to Call of Duty esports and with a new era of the esport beginning on January 24th, it would be a logical move to drive as much attention to it through the title that is being played by the best in the world.

If all five of these things are to come in 2020, then Modern Warfare could well be rescued and be moulded into a relatively good competitive title.

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