Doors are the worst.

19:00, 14 Apr 2020

We have reached the halfway stage of the Modern Warfare game cycle and despite the sheer volume of post-launch content that Infinity Ward is producing to increase the replayability of the game, the focus is beginning to turn to the 2020 instalment of the Call of Duty franchise.

If rumours are to be believed, Treyarch has taken the reigns from Sledgehammer Games for Call of Duty 2020 and will be releasing a reboot of the Black Ops franchise in a similar way to what Infinity Ward did with Modern Warfare in 2019.

Allegedly set in the Cold War around the time of the Vietnam War, there are certain aspects of CoD that could be added to make the 2020 edition of the franchise the best it has ever been. Here are five things that we would love to see in Call of Duty: Black Ops 5.

1. Traditional Map Design

It was a breath of fresh air when Infinity Ward opted for a different map design but with the spawn system for all the maps still being a huge issue six months into the game cycle and fans clambering for maps that are much smaller in size, a return to a more traditional map design is a must for Black Ops 5.

A three-lane map design spawns that make sense and map sizes that are not filled with unnecessary dead space are a must if the new multiplayer is to play well as some of the older Black Ops titles.

2. Scorestreaks

Modern Warfare played on the fact that it was a trip down memory lane so Infinity Ward re-introduced Killstreaks as opposed to Scorestreaks. Yes, Scorestreaks can still be used in the game thanks to the aid of a perk but with it being easy to score a high killstreak, it discourages players to get in on the action, especially in objective game modes such as Domination and Hardpoint.

A return to Scorestreaks and only Scorestreaks on maps that are the perfect size for fast-paced, high-octane action would encourage players to focus on capturing objectives rather than hiding in a corner picking off any enemy that happens to run into your crosshair on the off-chance.

Call of Duty Black Ops 5

3. Varied Gun Variety

On Modern Warfare, it is abundantly clear that the very best weapons in the game are the M4A1 assault rifle, the MP5 and the MP7 sub-machine guns. Despite an ever-expanding weapon arsenal, no weapon comes close to competing with these three weapons in Modern Warfare, making the weapon metagame dull and repetitive.


Black Ops titles have always been games that feature a variety of weapons that can content with the weapons that are used most frequently. Having weapon variety adds an entirely new depth to the weapon meta rather than players opting to use the best weapons all the time.

4. No Doors!

Infinity Ward introducing doors to Call of Duty maps in an attempt to add some more tactical gameplay into the question was a great idea on paper. Nowadays, players are often seen running through the doors headfirst rather than using them in other ways to get the upper hand on the opposition.


Doors do not belong in Call of Duty games and with the likelihood of Treyarch returning to more traditional map designs, doors will only hinder the fast-paced gameplay that CoD fans are after.

5. A Ranked Playlist

The fifth and final point should seem like an obvious one to have in most video games in this day and age. With the lack of a true competitive playlist in Modern Warfare, players after a more competitive fix only have the toned-down CDL Playlist to play on, rather than a fully-fledged ranked playlist with a dedicated ranking system like Counter-Strike and Rocket League.

Treyarch has been the ambassador for competitive Call of Duty since the inception of the Call of Duty world championship in 2013, where Black Ops 2 introduced a competitive playlist for the very first time on a Call of Duty title. Since then, Sledgehammer Games has created the best iteration of a ranked system for Call of Duty, adding in an MMR system similar to what is used on the competitive playlist for Overwatch. Nothing has come close to this system since and with Treyarch known for its unmatched support for the competitive scene, Black Ops 5 would be the perfect time to build the most comprehensive competitive playlist that Call of Duty has ever seen.

Image via Activision

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