The streamer, who has been on the rise, has been forced into an early retirement from the career due to racist, homophobic, and xenophobic messages being leaked.

16:34, 22 Feb 2021

Twitch streamer "4Conner" has quit the platform and a career in internet content creation after messages were leaked from his Discord account containing serious racist, homophobic, and xenophobic content.

After rising in popularity whilst playing titles such as League of Legends and riding the Among Us wave alongside some of the platform's biggest names, 4Conner has now quit Twitch altogether. 

The gamer amassed 45,000 Twitch followers before quitting the site, soaring to fame due to friendships with the likes of Tyler "Trainwreck" Niknam and Matthew "Mizkif" Rinaudo. 

As of February 20, 4Conner's reputation was pitched up and smashed to smithereens after messages from his private Discord server surfaced. The contents were damning, and insulting to a variety of people based on their gender, race, and beliefs. A folder was uploaded to Imgur that contained 36 incriminating instances, forcing 4Conner to make an impromptu announcement that his streaming career is taking a very long break.

With the images surfacing, the now ex-streamer took to the camera one last time to apologise for the horrific messages. Accepting that the contents were "racist, transphobic, homophobic, antisemitic", 4Conner also iterated that “It is not me, it’s not who I am, it’s who I was”, with the messages dating back to 2019.


Despite the attempts to apologise for his behaviour, even some of his friends have now cut ties. The aforementioned Mizkif has stated that "Conner is no longer allowed at my house, ever again”, with the two often sharing the same residence in the past.

Whilst Trainwrecks neither condemned nor defended 4Conner, the popular streamer took to Twitter stating: "If you find yourself happy when someone else fails or gets destroyed, even if they deserve it, that says more about you than it does about them and that’s facts” in a now-deleted post.



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Image via 4Conner | Twitch

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