343 Industries Offer Nice Touch To Halo Pros With Personalised Dog Tags

343 Industries Offer Nice Touch To Halo Pros With Personalised Dog Tags

Written by 

Jack Marsh


21st Dec 2021 17:38

After kicking off the Halo Infinite esports saga with a thrilling three-day live event in Raleigh, North Carolina, 343 Industries has been heaped with praise from a variety of communities - and they're not ready to stop impressing yet. 

The developers have now dished out some sentimental rewards for the players, including personalised dog tags for the best accolades.

Cloud9 Renegade Awarded With Personalised Halo Dog Tag For Kickoff Major performance

After winning the first Halo Championship Series Kickoff Major, Cloud9 took home the lions share of a $450,000 prize pool (which was bumped increasingly by an impressive crowdfunding source), taking down the likes of OpTic Gaming and eUnited.

Taking down eUnited for the second time in the Grand Final, Cloud9 went home from Raleigh with the championship trophy in hand, although that wasn't it for their star performer Jonathan "Renegade" Willette. The experienced American was also awarded the accolade of "Main Slayer", which earned him a personalised dog tag from the developers.

Renegade Awarded Main Slayer At HCS Kickoff Major

The main slayer award was gifted to Renegade as a slightly different twist on the usual MVP title, with his individual performances shining brightly in the Cloud9 championship-winning squad.

Alongside Renegade, Cloud9 Head Coach Emanuel "Hoaxer" Lovejoy was also awarded the "Best Coach" honour, and was blessed with a dog tag of his own.

Cloud9 will now look to take their momentum into the new year, as the HCS campaign begins to find its feet and attract a large fan base. 


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