3 Things To Get Stuck Into During Season One of Modern Warfare

22:40, 03 Dec 2019

December 3rd marks the start of the first season of content in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The new method of releasing post-launch content comes as a welcome change for the Call of Duty community, who have displayed their anger over post-launch content on previous titles. Season One is full to the brim with new content that is to be released periodically during the season.

The first update contains a return of a classic multiplayer map, new weapons and 100 tiers of content for players to get their hands on. Here are three things that you must get stuck into at the start of the new season.

1) Crash

The iconic multiplayer map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare makes its return on the 2019 edition of the game. Complete with all the map elements from the original, there have been some small modifications made. Doors have been added to every single entrance and exit to add a new dimension of strategy and a new area has been added behind the building closest to the burning helicopter in the middle of the map.

Crash is one of three classic maps that are returning to Modern Warfare. Vacant will be returning as a six-versus-six map while Shipment will also be coming back as a six-versus-six and as a two-versus-two map for the popular Gunfight mode.

2) Reinforce

Reinforce is the latest game mode to be added to multiplayer on Modern Warfare and is the only mode that features teams of four. The objective of the game is simple, capture all three flags on the map or eliminate the enemy team to win the round. The first team that wins four rounds is crowned the winner of the game.

This is not just Domination on a smaller scale. Capturing the objective revives fallen teammates so timing when to secure the flag is essential for the success of your team.

3) New Weapons

Two brand-new weapons have been added to the Modern Warfare arsenal. The RAM-7 Assault Rifle (AR) is a fully automatic, compact rifle that is extremely efficient in close quarters engagements while the Holger-26 light machine gun (LMG) has the ability to be configured in numerous ways to work in most scenarios.

Both of these weapons can be unlocked through the new battle pass but if you want to try them out sooner, hop into a private match to get the upper hand over the opposition!

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