100T Players Lash Out At Bizarre Single-Elimination Bracket At VCT Last Chance Qualifier

100T Players Lash Out At Bizarre Single-Elimination Bracket At VCT Last Chance Qualifier
Riot Games

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Jack Marsh


1st Oct 2021 17:12

Nine months in the making, and for some teams, it boils down to one last Chance Qualifier for the opportunity to play at the first-ever VALORANT world championships. However, the slog for qualification could be thwarted in just one 90-minute game, which could also have the added setbacks of a 16-hour flight and three weeks in quarantine. Oof.

Twelve of the sixteen teams have been solidified for Champions - the VCT tour's intimate grand finale - leaving just one squad from each of the regions to make a last-ditch effort to stand on the world stage in November.

The Last Chance Qualifiers will give the chance to the next-highest seeded teams to make a miracle run for Champions, with just one team coming out on top. 

However, the NA bracket has been revealed, and the players are less than satisfied. 

The five members of 100 Thieves, who have a wealth of LAN experience between them, have all spoken out about the proposed bracket, which pits some teams in a single-elimination bracket.

Nicholas "nitr0" Cannella claimed that "No LAN should be single-elim no matter what", whilst his teammate Spencer "Hiko" Martin said, "Definitely not a fan of this format."

For the two representatives from Oceania, ORDER and Chiefs Esports Club, the 32-hour round trip could be ended in just one best of three-game, putting into perspective that the LAN environment should mean that teams have more than one chance for the efforts put in. 

Chiefs Esports are seeded in the first round, according to the format from Vlr.gg, meaning that they could be jetting back to Australia before six teams have even shot a bullet.

Michael "WRONSKI" Wronski, of Chiefs, said, "First international event for me. Single elimination. 2 days of travel (for me) to get to LA. 2 weeks quarantine when we get back. AWESOME!!!!"

The Australian pro did at least joke that, hopefully, he can get some decent fast food in Los Angeles unless Riot ships them on the next flight back.

The EMEA bracket is proposed to be a standard double-elimination bracket, albeit with just eight teams in the shootout for glory. 

Previously, Riot Games had to adjust the formatting behind the Stage 3 Masters: Berlin, following a huge backlash from the community.

Despite no official announcement, maybe Riot may tamper with their format again to find a more suitable solution to a twelve-team tournament.


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